FSA Dindrenzi

Dindrenzi Fleet (Standard Fleet) (690pts)

  • Tier 1 (405pts)

    • BattleCruiser (145pts)

      • Cataphract Squadron (145pts)

        • Cataphract (145pts)

          +2″ MV (5pts), Double Mines (5pts), High Energy Kinetics (5pts)

          Ablative Plating, Double Mines, High Energy, Kinetic Weapons, Secured Bulkheads

    • Battleship (260pts)

      • Praetorian (260pts)

        +2 AP (5pts), +3 WC (5pts), Assault Blitz (10pts), Deck Crews (5pts), High Energy Kinetics (5pts), Ops Centre (5pts)

        Ablative Plating, Assault Blitz, Deck Crews, Elite Crew, High Energy, Kinetic Weapons, Ops Center, Reinforced (Starboard/Port)

        • Bomber Token (10pts)

          2x Bomber (10pts)

        • Interceptor Token (15pts)

          3x Interceptor (15pts)

  • Tier 2 (195pts)

    • Cruiser Squadron (195pts)

      • Secutor Squadron (195pts)

        • 3x Secutor (195pts)

          3x Secured Bulkheads (15pts)

          Ablative Plating, Kinetic Weapons, Secured Bulkheads

  • Tier 3 (90pts)

    • Frigate Squadron (90pts)

      • Thraex Squadron (90pts)

        3x Thraex (90pts)

        Difficult Target, Kinetic Weapons

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