Welcome to Tabletop Games UK this site is dedicated to bringing news and reviews from across the broad and ever expanding range of Tabletop Games, as well as acting almost like a hobby diary for me as well as a way to connect with my fellow gamers of whom two of which now write for the site as well. I am constantly looking at new things both in terms of gaming and also how to move and expand TTGUK, it is astounding how fast what started off as a little ‘hobby’ project that I could do on my daily commute has almost become a full time job in itself.


So here are the Motley crew

The Master-Chief off the show, an avid gamer since a young age, I set this up as a haven and gate way for me to explore the world beyond Games workshop. Along the way have met some great people (two off which write for me now) and have seen and played some brilliant games and been involved in some awesome projects and helped promote others. Now officially demoing for a few companies and orgasniser behing the growing Norfolk Open series of games (oops was that a spoiler) I would give up my day time job in a heart beat if I was able to.

Currently my favourite games are Guild Ball, Deadzone, Bushido and Warmachine.

jezJez has been gaming a long time and over the years he’s also been about a bit.  When it comes to his likes and love a lot of it is nowhere near the mainstream.  He’s the King of the Fringe Frontier and a lover of the odd family/1 man band produced game.

When he’s not gaming he can be found trying to make all things weird and how the heck did he do that in the terrain corner.

Some former of our former writers

Paul joined the Tabletop Gaming UK team in September to support the editors and the crew. Paul is trying to build the community. Paul has been a gamer for many years, collecting Dark Angels, Necrons, and Imperial Guard for Warhammer 40K, Concord and Freeborn for Beyond the Gates of Antares,  Black Blood Children, Junkers, and Ganger for Punkapocalyptic by Bad Roll Games, He also plays Icarus Project and Halo: Fleet Battles.

Playing miniature wargame since his 8th birthday when he started playing Warhammer 40K. now 28 years old, he lives, sleeps and is pretty sure he is a plastic miniature.

Kenny stumbled his way into the merry band after having the writing itch for some years, previously writing for various video game guide and press websites. He’s keen on his grimdark with his toes primarily dipping within the grim darkness of Warhammer 40K along with the fantastical, slaughter-wrought Age of Sigmar. He’s also happy losing himself in a galaxy far, far away via the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games typically under the role as game master trying his best to have his players obliterated into dust.

When not knee-deep in tabletop goodness he’s either at gigs, festivals or traversing the globe in a search for all things wonderous and exciting. He also firmly believes that growing up is optional; emotionally, mentally and physically.

Matt, I have been involved in the hobby for 25 years now first getting the bug the same way as most gamers when I was introduced to Games Workshop by a friend. For me, the painting side of the hobby has always held more of an appeal for me but I still do enjoy the gaming side as well.

A few years ago I moved away from 40k and delved smaller skirmish games and found I not only enjoyed playing these a lot more but it massively improved my painting by working on models from many different genres. My current favourite games are Batman, Deadzone, The Walking Dead and Star Wars Imperial Assault and I try to play in as many tournaments as I can.

I’m currently a Pathfinder for Mantic games and spend a lot of time travelling to shows to demo their games and help promote the company which I really enjoy. Now to get back to the paint table.

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