Thondia: The First Season of War

Seasons of War Thondia is coming next week. We were lucky enough to be able to have a sneak peak and see just what’s instore for Age of Sigmar

So first of what is seasons of war, if you play 40k its almost exactly the same as Warzone books. If you aren’t a 40k player then these season books will be part lore. Driving the narrative of the Mortal realms forward at a measured pace. Whilst also including new rules expansions. This First season is focussed on Thondia a vast continent in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. Presumably these seasons will take us all over the realms and maybe further.

Thondia and the Mortal Realms

Just under half the book is put aside for lore. Wether or not this part will interest you or not is purely personal preference. For me they are nicely digestible shorts each designed to shed light on something. Be it one of the beasts of Ghur or a tale of its dangerous history.

Seasons of War Thondia contains more than just the rules for the new Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur. We have Realm Rules for Thondia, four Battlepacks and a character creation system.

Incarnates, Krondspine

Incarnates are new to Age of Sigmar and the first one looks great, very fitting for Thondia. An incarnate must be bonded to a hero and is part spell part unit. There are limitations to taking one in your army but then there are benefits as well. Incarnates work very differently from other models as they dont have wounds but instead have states. Each state works similar to the wounds remaining on model however.

To damage an Incarnate though you are going to have to plan your attack well. Once the to wound and save rolls have been made for attacks against an Incarnate. The controlling player rolls 3D6 it the umber rolled is equal or lower than the wounds caused the Incarnate goes down a level. Otherwise its fine. With potentially three levels to get through before an Incarnate is abolished they have a bit of staying power. I’m sure that as more come out they should take quite a varied aspect. Working well with different armies, but at the moment we only have one and that is Krondspine.

When I saw he announcement for Krondspine I was really looking forward to getting hold off it and slamming it on the table. 12″ move, can fly, 7+ attacks and good ones to! Now a little cooler and I am starting to wonder just how often that it will prove useful. There are two ways of empowering a Krondspine and therefore raising its state.

The first is also the more reliable, kill a monster with the Krondspine. Shouldn’t be to hard to do and there are usually a few monsters floating around on the table. The second is the less reliable way, devour an endless spell. This means in all the games I have played of Age of Sigmar, I would have been able to use this method, never! I have not come up against an endless spell! Maybe its just my local player base, but I have never seen an endless spell placed on the table. Even when I have taken them myself!

If you manage to get Krondspine empowered though you are looking at dealing out nine attacks that have 2 rend and do 2 damage. Plus another four attacks with -3 Rend and 4 damage each. Both are a 3+ to hit with a 3+ and 2+ respectively to wound! Both these attacks are fairly reliable to land and should reasonably be putting out a lot of damage per turn. On a great day you are potentially looking at dealing 34 damage. This is where the dount comes in. How many opponents are going to throw forward endless spells with this is on the table? I am going to hazard a guess at not many!

Coming in at 400 points as well is a big chunk of any army. There is a lot of flexibility and toolbox you can get for 400 points. Dont get me wrong its a cool looking model and has some serious potential. It’s just reaching that potential and staying there seems like a bit of a struggle in the current local meta.

Thondia Realm Rules.

Within the Realm rules comes new magic that everyone can have access to as well as a new Realm Command. the Realm Command, Feral Roar I can see getting a fair amount of use as it allows a Monster Unit to use its 0 wounds taken on its damage table. This has great potential as getting that last bit off juice out of a model before its destroyed.

When playing in the Realms of Thondia you are able to set up a Monster in the middle of the battlefield. This monster is controlled by the current active player. Being controlled by the current player will really make it into a ping pong ball of epic proportions as it is going to spend the whole game running from one side of the board to the other.

If the added bonus of a swinging rampaging monster wasn’t quite enough to enliven your game there is also a new mysterious terrain table. Could you be stranded by Gnarlock Roots or perhaps infused by Fury from a realmstone deposit.


Open Play battle pack brings new battlefield to play over with just the roll of a few dice you and your opponent can quickly set up and start playing a game.With each game having its own twist and each player having their own ruse.

The narrative section of the Battlepack for Path to Glory looks to be quite fun and also useful if you move to a different realm as well as you can use a Thondian Outpost even if you move onto another Battlepack.

The Thondia quest are quite useful the first Quest, Incarnate allows you to add a Krondspire Incarnate to your roster. Whilst the second allows you to add a created Hero to your roster. This is also explained in Seasons of War Thondia

Just in case you needed another battlepack there is also a Battlepack that allows you to recreate the narrative section of Thondia as well. This Battlepack can also be used as a 5 battle campaign as well.

Matched Play

The final section of the book is set aside for Matched Play. The Strife in Thondia Battlepack and is again set over 5 battles with each player accruing Victory Points each battle. The winner being the one with the most points at the end of the fifth game. This section brings new Battle Tactics to the table. These play very heavily into the latest release the Krondspite Incarnate which if used the amount of battle tactics completed.

Hopefully soon we will have the Krondspire Incarnate Model to show off on out Facebook page so be sure to follow us to see it as soon as it drops.

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