Here come the Aeldari Guardians!

Aeldari are getting the 9th edition treatment with pre-orders now open. The new Guardian set is just one of the changes coming! Just what will we be getting from the next faction. Well an eye watering amount of Armour Penetration for a start.

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The core of any Aeldari force are the Guardians. These soldiers are Aeldari citizenry that are there to bulk out the numbers and defend their craft worlds. Before we look at the stats lets talk models as I have tried Aeldari before, when they went by the name Eldar and the soon to be obsolete plastic kit looks like it is exactly the same kit from who knows how many years ago. That was one of the reasons, no the reason I balked at collecting Aeldari in the past. The new Guardian kit however is such a massive step into the present I am surprised a few heads haven’t been knocked off the sprue. There are options, and quite a few. For a start you can either build Guardians defenders and support turret (with weapon options). Alternatively you can build Storm Guardians with a Serpents Scale Platform. Gone will be the upgrade sprue you had to buy to make the Storm Guardians Having built my first set as Defenders, eyeing up another for release day, they are really easy to build and fit together really smoothly.

As we look into the stats the only difference is the armour is now a 4+ instead of the old 5+. However with the new Shuriken getting -1 AP natively and an extra -2AP if you roll a 6 to hit, the bonus works out the same to the old stats but at least every hit now has at least some AP on it, as well as an increase of Range to 18 inches. Having 20 Guardians siting on an objective is not going to make you freinds quickly, unless they are using blast weapons.

This was written before the prices were announced but I can easily see the box set of Guardians raising in price from the £25 they are sat at now up to £30 for comparable box sets from Games Workshop. Considering though that you are getting 11 models in a kit, this doesn’t seem that unreasonable.

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