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Codex Aeldari brings the age old walkers of the webway shrieking into the 9th edition. With new rules, new kits and new sculpts there is a lot to take in.

The Fluff

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Firstly we’ve got Codex Aeldari, the meat behind the changes. Coming in at just under the page count of the Space Marine Codex – it is a big tome featuring loads of background lore and interesting reading. I would say it’s worth it for that alone, before I read it I only knew the barebones of Aeldari history. Being one of the oldest factions in 40k (both in lore and releases), there is plenty of content to back that up.

Codex Aeldari

As we have seen with the Guardians there are quite a few changes incoming. As well as a lot of strategies to play around with to get the most from your Aeldari force.

From the start there are a lot of options within Codex Aeldari. Five named Craftworlds as well as the Ynari, with the ability to create your own Craftworld rules. On top of this you can take Harlequins and Drukhari, giving players such a range of choice that even the mighty Space Marines seem to pale into insignificance and boredom. Each subfaction has their own relics and special rules.

The coolest of these subfactions though has to be the Ynnari, despite being unable to take Pheonix Lords and various other characters unless they have the Ynnari keyword in the same detachment. This does allow you to mix and match between all the Aeldari models as long as each non-Asuryani unit you take must have a Asuryani unit in the same battlefield role. For instance, you could take the force below which consists of Asuyani, Drukhari and Harlequin units.

This is great if you want a really unique force as there is such a vivid variety of units and colours from within Codex Aeldari.

Another bonus you can take advantage of is travelling players. If your main Aeldari detachment is battle forged you can take a detachment of Harlequins along for the ride. This would normally break the battleforged status of your force, but due to the Travelling Players rule, your army remains Battleforged and the Harlequin detachment is ignored for any mission pack that requires your army to have one keyword in common.

Ancient Crusades

If you dont mind more book-keeping than the average, crusade for Aeldari will really keep you busy! The variety on offer combined with the ability to have different aspects of the Aelardi race present in a force can create some really crazy options. With some really well-designed and themed Agendas there is a wealth of ways to score experience for your units. After that it’s just a matter of time before you will be placing your units on the various paths that are open to them. Psykers get their Fortitudes whilst Harlequins can work on their Grand Performances.

These options, if you stick with them, will produce a very varied and characterful force, one which really should not be sniffed at either as it is sure to catch your opponent off guard at least once.

Codex Aeldari is an incredibly versatile book that any aspiring player should jump into feet first. The sheer variety should keep the average hobbyist busy well into 10th edition. With plenty of scope for choices and tactics there is something in there to answer any need.

With new re sculpts and reworked units incoming it might be worth dusting off a few old models.


The Wraithlord has always been a cool looking model standing out amongst Aelddari Armries but not breaking the bank like a Wraithknight.

Wraithlords no longer have a degrading profile, meaning 3+ to hit until she blows. Unlike the previous version that slowly got worse till it ended on a 5+. The point at which your Wraithlord Explodes just got a bit closer though. They now have 9 wounds vice 10.

Ancient Doom has gone but has been replaced with Wraithbone form which subtracts one from damage characteristics of attack which should aid its survivability more than the extra wound that it lost.

The big news no pun intended is that Wraithlords are CORE so any stratagems or anything that affects core units now also effects the Wraithlord as well


These tweaks are definitely a tempting offer to get one of these in for the fledgling Craftworlds.

You can start ordering your craft worlds units now to get the jump on your opposition

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