Conquest, blazing new models

Parabellum have released the new imagery for the W’adrhŭn Founders Exclusive, The Brood of Omgorah. This sequentially numbered edition was finely sculpted by Michael Kontraros, renowned miniatures sculptor.

This model literally looks fantastic and is full of detail. This stunning model is available to order from you FLGS

For the first W’adrhŭn Founder’s Exclusive,” says Founder and Creative Director, Stavros Halkias “we needed a natural ferocity, the might of their beasts and the elegance of predators, all captured in a single sculpt. Once more, Michael’s style and skill proved the ideal choice for such a design.”  The Brood of Omgorah can be used to depict three different W’adrhŭn Characters – the Chieftain, Matriarch Queen and Predator – with the “Brood of Omgorah” Special Rule, turning this stunning, unique model into an incredibly valuable addition to one’s army. Even if they would lose their retinues, the Characters turn into Light Cavalry entries, with appropriate special rules to boot. 

With the Brood of Omgorah, the enemies of the W’adrhŭn won’t be able to decide if they are terrified by its fearsome might or enthralled by the sculpt that eyes them menacingly!

Sequentially numbered to four hundred (400), only three hundred and sixty (360) of the pieces will be available for sale. The other forty (40) will be offered as prize support in 2022,

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