Wild West Exodus Gubbins Unboxing

As all fans off Wild West Exodus would have seen the new version three is upon us. That means a new gubbins box. Warcradle sent me one to review but with ilnesses and Christmas its taken a while to get to unfortunately.

So just what is inside the Wild West Exodus Gubbins Box? Everything you need to play third edition with the exception of the models. You have an Action and Adventure Deck a bunch of D8 the new token set. AS well as some templates and of course the new rulebook.

Lets start the review off by getting the negative out of the way. There is only one action and adventure deck included, this means that each player will need a set unless someone buys the deck separately. In reality is it really worth it? Yes the rules are a free download and you can print the tokens off. The templates are the same as the dystopian wars templates. If you already play that it is likely you already have the templates. But I am still one of those who (for as long as possible) still prefer the rules in a book. I have dice by the bucket load and the templates already. However for the printed rulebook and the cards needed I say that this is (at least until updates start flowing out) a necessary purchase and good value for money.

Both sets of cards are a great mechanic to the game. The Action cards serve a variety of roles. From determining initiative to how many actions you can take in any given round. The adventure deck, which if you have played Dystopian wars or a previous version of Wild West Exodus will be very familiar. Allow you to trade in for extra Victory Points for completing the VP section of the card or allow the card to be discarded for various perks in the round. How you use these is entirely up to you. They can seriously change the swing of the battle if used at the right time. Alternatively they can be used to catch up or bolster your VP. The only downside of the gubbins box is that there is only one set of action and adventure cards.

The templates are a pretty standard affair and are the same as the dystopian wars templates. Including the template and the measuring stick. The dice are the same as previous editions. The tokens are printed on pretty decent card stock so should suffice. Unless you want to pick up the acrylic tokens which I would imagine are soon to appear.

All in as with the other Gubbins sets for other games the Wild West Exodus Gubbins set is a great way of quickly getting into third edition, however the two player starter set is probably a better way to go if you are a new player of use one of the factions contained within the two player starter set. If you don’t use either of those factions however the gubbins set is the way forward.

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