Codex Adeptus Custodes The Golden Boys of 40k

Adeptus Custodes are sort of akin to what Space Marines should have been. But given the popularity of Space Marines probably would have made them a bit to good! These guys are meant to be one man armies in their own right. Staunchly loyal and acting in the emperors name. Even Robert Gillian does not order the forces of the Custodes around.

As you would expect from an Elite force of Emperor guarding genetically modified superhumans. Codex Adeptus Custodes is very Elite heavy. Infact there are only two troop choices in the entire book. Those being the Custodian Guard and the Prosecutors. Both of which are fairly good unit choices. However they won’t necessarily be your jack off all trades. The Custodian Guard have an invulnerable save of 4+ and are able to ignore Mortal wounds on a 6 which is awesome on a rank and file set of troops.

Couple this with the Stratagem Arcane Genetic Alchemy which causes all unmodified wound rolls of 1-3 to fail regardless of weapon strength, or abilities of the weapon or unit have. Admittedly it costs 1 CP for units under three models and 2 CP for units of more than three. A very useful, if limited trick that can be pulled out of the bag. Couple this with The Emperors Auspice, again 1/2 CP, which negates rerolls to any to-hit, wound, or damage roll for the phase.

The prosecutors are out and out Psyker hunters. Being null in the void comes with its bonuses. Prosecutors and indeed other Anethema Psykana troops, cannot be targeted or effected by psychic powers. As well as getting a handy +1 to wound and make it harder for warp rolls to be made. They will be great against forces that rely heavily on psychic trickery.

One change is Allurus Custodians can now be taken in squads of one to six, I noticed that whilst building one of the sets of Allurus Custodians that with the options in the box there were going to be a few models left over, but now these can be fielded singly there is a bit more versatility in the kits. Don’t worry though the stratagem that allows you to split squads (akin to combat squads) is still there, unleash the lion will split on squad up and each individual model can now go their own way. Flooding the battle with some really tough to kill models. I found this to be both thematically and tactically great. As when reading the fluff each Custode is an army in his own right and like the Deathwatch, they are pulled together for specific purposes.

The new getting started box?
The new contents of a Detachment box

If Crusade play is more your thing then you won’t be left out in the cold. As with previous codex there is an entire Crusade section. A notable feature is the Magisterium Lex Ultima this takes the place of the Crusade Goals and each section must be completed in order within 9 battles or you fail and must select a Dishonour to apply. Complete the Magisterium Lex Ultima however and you gain access to a variety of perks from an instant 3 requisition points, experience points or more persistent effects.

With more flexibility built into the codex there is now more ways to field an Adeptus Custodes force than before all that remains to be seen is how this translates onto the table!

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