High Marshal Helbrecht Marches

High Marshal Helbrecht marches soon, leading your noble Black Templars forward on their eternal Crusade.

To lead a Chapter as zealous and uncompromising as the Black Templars you have to be an individual of supreme willpower and stubbornness, and High Marshal Helbrecht is that guy. Driven by righteous hatred and the singular desire to rid the galaxy of mutants, aliens, and heretics, his fury is matched only by his skill with a blade.

As a HQ option, most chapters really don’t have anything that looks as good straight off the shelf as the Black Templars are getting in High Marshal Helbrecht. he is a fairly chunky model with him his thralls and his weaponry. Less of a fighting pose and more of a regal statuesque pose for the model which is actually really draws the eye in despite it being such a static model!

Looking at his profile High Marshal Helbrecht is probably sitting quite high up in his capabilities with 8 wounds and 6 attacks he is going to be hitting hard all day long. Added to which each time he fights he gets an extra 2 additional attacks from his thralls. these won’t be dishing out much, but the more dice the merrier. Wielding the sword off the High Marshalls you get an option of two attacks. A one handed attack which allows two hit rolls instead of one, but is strength 6 with one damage. Alternatively if you choose to wield the sword with two hands you are hitting with strength 8 and 3 damage per hit. Both options are packing a -3AP so even heavily armoured foes will be taking note!

Even at range High Marshal Helbrecht is going to be causing problems his combo-weapon ferocity is a Bolt rifle Meltagun combination so bringing all the pluses of a line troopers weapon in range and flexibility. Coupled with the anti-armour power of the meltagun.

Now a Space Marine Commander wouldn’t be a commander without an array of bubble effects Chapter Master allows one unit within 6″ to reroll the hit roll, whilst rites of battle gives all core units within 6″ to preroll all attack rolls of 1.

Getting into the thick of combat with Helbrecht should be a bit easier as he has Front-line commander which adds 1 to advance and charge rolls. This also gives friendly Black Templar Core Units +1 to charge rolls against units within Helbrechts Engagement range.

The old saying Jack of all trades master of none, really doesn’t apply to Helbrecht as he will be a thorn in your opponents side no matter where he is. With versatile weapon load out and a bit of a soft spot for close combat, there doesn’t seem to be an area that Helbrecht should not be able to stand toe of heavily armoured boot with his enemy. He will be as much at home leading the new patrol force as he will be as an addition to the army box set.

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