Wild West Exodus 3rd Edition

Wild West Exodus 3rd Edition is coming in October! Thats tomorrow! OK its sometime in October and probably as late in the month as you can get without it being November but it is still coming!

Showdown at Retribution

This box set looks set to be great. And Wild West Exodus fans are in for a treat. We have new rules, a campaign, quick start guide. All the latest gubbins, and a few miniatures.

Yes Showdown at Retribution is going to have new minis, off course it is! This time around its for two factions that I own, that is virtually unheard of! My beloved Union are getting some new models and most of them look sweet as. The new Iron Eagle is just great Belle sorry but they missed the mark with you, but hey that’s just a personal opinion.

If you want to see more check out the video and be sure to follow us here and on Facebook for more infomation as we get it!

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