Ork Kill Rig Review – The Beast Snagga Behemoth

Games Workshop was generous enough to send over one of the brand new Ork Kill Rig miniatures. As I’m currently in the throws of a Beast Snagga army, this is most fortuitous! Thus, I figured it’d be fun to set myself a little challenge and see how far I could get with the kit over the period of a few nights.

The kit comes with the option to build two variants. The first is the Kill Ring, a mobile platform pulled by a giant rhinoceros Squig, mounted with cannon, harpoon and a charged-up Wurrboy, ready to dish out some psychic damage. The second option is to build it as an Ork Hunter Rig. This is simply a more transport-focused build, forgoing the Wurrboy and attaining extra capacity instead.

I can see the appeal for both builds. Fortunately, picking one or the other isn’t as necessary as you may fear. With some simple magnetisation I reckon you can swap between the two with ease. The front platform mount can pop on and off (either the cannon or the harpoon) with the Wurrboy platform being replaced by either or, leaving the front platform exposed. If you spend the time magnetising the centre weapon mount, you’ll be able to interchange with ease!

However, how was the kit to build? I’ve been building Games Workshop kits for over 10 years now and this thing rather easily intimidated me. I’ve built Imperial Knights, Mega-gargants, Necron Tomb Blades, but this thing was an entirely different kettle of fish. Be sure to read the instructions exceptionally carefully, else you’ll end up making mistakes as I did. I somehow completely missed the slots where the platform mounts/pistons sit underneath the carriage/atop the back of the Squig. Go slow and steady with this kit!

Fortunately, the instructions are mostly clear on building the model. It’s also extensive in reminding you to sub-assemble and paint certain parts of the miniature before glueing them together. This is absolutely crucial! The Ork Kill Rig is simply so big and complex that if you glued it all together you’d be doomed to unavoidable painting mistakes and niggling catches. You could probably do a fairly quick and dirty paint job via oil paints, but I decided to take my time with this.

With the Squig, platform, weapon mounts and Orks all separate, I began painting what I could and where I could. The pressure to get this done before my deadline was daunting, but this is a miniature I’d gladly sit down and spend a weekend plugging away at. There are so many details and different materials that you’ll truly get out of it what you put into it.

By night 3, I put my brushes down and admitted defeat, but it was a valiant defeat! I’d managed to build the entire thing and almost paint it entirely. The only remaining components of the Ork Kill Rig I need to paint are 2x passenger Orks, the Ork manning the harpoon and the driver. I’ll certainly not sneeze at that for a few evening’s work!

I’m very happy with the bright blue Squig donning the purple helmet. Daemonette Hide is the colour I used to tie my army together, so it had to feature somewhere. That, combined with the metallics and the numerous bone plating, the kit is really quite eye-catching. I was tempted to go with the aforementioned oil painting technique, but I’m glad I chose not to. This gave me a chance to appreciate so many of the little details. Be it the Grot hiding in the rear mast, or the glowing eyes from the skull on the Wurrboy platform.

I’d most definitely not recommend the Ork Kill Rig kit to a beginner. This is a fairly beastly kit and needs quite a bit of attention and care. However, if you’re a grizzled hobbyist and fancy challenge in both building and painting then I’d strongly advise you snag an Ork Kill Rig. Mine will make a terrific centrepiece for my Ork Beast Snaggas! It doesn’t quite match Mortarion, but it’s still nothing to dice with lightly.

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Article originally written by the author for The Unrelenting Brush blog in affiliation with Boards and Swords Hobbies.

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