Deadzone Version 3 Announced

Deadzone Version 3 has been announced and Mantic are looking like it is a go big or go home swing on this skirmish game. Will it be a hit or a miss? Well the two rather large boxes sat in storage are hoping that this version is going to win over some local masses as I have loved the game since first edition!

Mantic have listed a diary of key dates for when we can get more information in the run up to the 3rd edition release. So you can mark your diaries, cancel all other appointments and prepare to digest all the Deadzone news…

  • SEPTEMBER 15th – What’s new? Changes to line of sight
  • SETEMBER 16th – What’s new? Cleaning up keywords and abilities
  • SEPTEMBER 17th – What’s new? Units and minis!
  • SEPTEMBER 18th – What’s new? Moving the narrative along

In the first set of news we had Mantic talking us through building your Strike Team. Just in case you missed it, they have split the rules across two books – the core rules and the force lists book. The latter is where you’ll find all the stats for all 10 Deadzone factions. Other than accessing Living Legends, which is a cool idea, this bit of the news isn’t really news as your force is still picked the same as it always has been.

You still take one Leader, as many Troops as you want, one Specialist for every Troop and a Support model for every three Troops. Simples. We’ve also added the idea of ‘Living Legends’ to each faction. Some of these were miniatures that were previously only available as mercs, e.g. Kira Nikolovski, and you had to unlock them as a Specialist. Now you can actually add one Living Legend to your list, without the need for unlocks. Great for squeezing in some of those unloved mercs.

The big change when it comes to the Force Lists are the way that unit stats are displayed. One of the slight niggles with Second Edition was that some stats were shown as diagrams, while others where numbers and (perhaps the biggest problem) was that weapon options were shown on a totally different page. As a result, if you wanted to give your character a different load out, you had to flip between pages to check the stats for movement and the shoot stats for your weapon.

In Third Edition we’ve brought everything together into one place. Now all the common traits, e.g. Speed, Range, Armour, etc. are across the top of a unit entry, while the weapon options are below. Taking a look at the Enforcer Operative, for example, you can see that when armed with a Laser Rifle, it’s classed as a Troop, is worth 2VPs when killed and costs 16pts to add to your Strike Team. Whereas, if you arm an Enforcer with a Burst Laser, it becomes a Specialist that’s worth 3VPs and now costs 22pts. There’s no need to flick between pages because the data is all there.

So the stats blocks will also make it easier to add different weapon options to your Strike Team as well as keeping tabs on the stats of the model. For example, in Second Edition if you wanted an Enforcer with a Missile Launcher, you had to select an Enforcer Specialist for 16pts, ignore the Laser Rifle stats on the profile and then add the Missile Launcher for 8pts and, finally, add everything up to work out the cost and VPs. Now, all that’s done for you and you can see an Enforcer with a Missile Launcher has actually gone down in cost to 22pts.

That’s because you’re now longer paying a ‘tax’ for the original weapon when choosing a Specialist. As a result, expect to see Specialist costs dropping almost across the board. This is a great idea I often found some specialist just costed themselves out of my builds as they were to expensive for what they brought to the table especially in elitist forces.

Something else you may have noticed is that ‘health’ has been separated from ‘size’. In the previous edition if you were a size one model, it meant you could suffer two wounds before you were dead. So, to increase the number of wounds on a model, Mantic had to make them a bigger size or give them abilities, like Tough, while to decrease the wounds, we had to have Fragile. Now, size has no bearing on health points because they’re separate. What’s more, talking of size, base sizes of a miniature are now specified, e.g. 25mm, 40mm, etc. Apparently this is important to make sure people have the correct size base but also for Line of Sight, teaser for a later blog post.

The other big announcement for list building is that there we will be an EasyArmy list builder.

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