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Warhammer+ is being launched soon and this week we got an exclusive early look at what we can expect.

So as we all know, the subscription will gain you access to the force building apps for 40k and AOS, they also said that future apps will be included as well. Hopefully we will being some Necromunda or Kill Team apps coming.

On top of the apps included in Warhammer+ we have been promised an ever expanding range of lore. With a variety of web shows and painting content.

So what exactly did we get in the exclusive early showing, well we got to watch the first episode of Hammer and Bolter, from what was said it will be a series of I standalone videos, with maybe a few of them linked together but predominately stand alone content from somewhere in the GW range. Whilst not overly informative and definitely a cryptic way of saying whatever content we feel would make a good story. Its definitely an exciting stand to take as literally we could get anything in here.

Episode one of Hammer and Bolter is the Story of Old One Eye. It’s told from the perspective of the orruks and depicts Commissioner Yarrick and how he got that big old power claw. The animation is very stylised, at points leaning on comic book style animations at others just pure animation. The styles mash well together, it’s no Stephen Speilburg epic blockbuster, but that being said it was still very enjoyable if a little on the short side.

With the breadth of Games Workshops IPs and each ones size there is almost an unending well of content to be tapped into and explored. Thankfully we aren’t getting the poster boys straight off the bat but I am sure they will be coming.

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