Tempelhof Battlefleet Set: Imperium Air Superiority

Tempelhof Battlefleet for the Imperium Faction is available as we speak. This set expands on the previous Elector Fleet set that came out last month. Air support is essential for the operation of an efficient fleet and as efficiency is the watchword of the Imperium Navy.

At the heart of this is the Tempelhof Fleet Carrier. Its main role is to get its contingent of aircraft to within striking range of the enemy. As well as provide anti-air support to them. They can often be equipped with the deadly Blitzen Bombers; heavy aircraft armed with devastating bombs to rain down on enemy decks, coastal defences or even targets further inland.

Building a battlefleet around the Tempelhof is easy with this set. Two cruisers that can be built in three different variants adds some nice choice to the set. Four destroyers with two types of build round out the miniatures in the box set.

Straight out of the box you have a variety of different builds that you can achieve. All the models are really easy to assemble. The Konrad though due to the sloping flight deck is easier to dry fit the alternate section. Glueing together before removing to paint and then glue in place. Unlike the other ships available the Cruisers in this set do not tend to led themselves to easy hot swap magnets. Mainly because the Konrad uses the same superstructure as the other variants. After having built them I have realised that actually it wouldn’t have been that hard. If I had built up the runway above the superstructure and forgone the rams it could have worked.

The Sigimer and Toten destroyers can be easily magnetised. They are however very small pieces so probably not overly worth it. Especially if you’re only going to be playing friendly games. Plus after a few boxes you will probably end up with a few off these classes kicking around.

Out of the box just counting the points for the ships with no upgrades or weapon swaps your looking at around 888 points. This was made using the Tempelhof-Blitzen Carrier, two Conrads and 4 Sigimer ships. Probably not the most efficient way of building them and if you take the fleet alone it will gain air superiority in an instant. But will leave you a little lacking elsewhere. If this is the first set you get I would strongly recommend against that build as the firepower would fall behind other fleet box sets.

With the Tempelhof Battlefleet you get a ready to play battle fleet. Admittedly you need a few more models to really take advantage of the special rules. Another Konrad (if you have built the Cruisers as Konrads) or two more Sigimer Destroyers or both, and you gain a bonus to the Tempelhof in that once crippled it doesn’t half its SRS tokens. This will really keep its efficiency up, allowing it to hit as hard in the late game as it did at the start using its fighters or bombers.

I don’t normally go for any forces that are central European focussed. Nothing personal I just tend to dislike the Keiser/Ottaman Empire looks of models. For some reason though I quite like these models. Nothing overly fancy about them, not as ornate as say the Commonwealth or sci-fi wish looking as the Covenant they just look good. The broadsides could have done with some more detailing but that’s a small matter. I think it is mainly the Tempelhof-Blitzen that clinched it for me.

Looking like reasonably modernwarship with a great sense of grounding the Tempelhof actually looks like something you could see. Where as the other factions (don’t get me wrong I love the Union and Covenant Ships as well) just seem less likely. I know it makes little sense to compare a science fiction dystopian world made up fleet with real world, but its just something that stuck with me whilst building them.

As a starter fleet, the Tempelhof Battlefleet will probably not really serve you well. Adding it to an existing fleet and it will fly for you, quite literally. The main reason I say this as ideally you will wanting to build the Konrads to get the most from the battle fleet, plus you will need another as well to get the full bonus of the fleet rules. Due to this reason you will absolutely be destroying your opponent with SRS tokens but all other forms of fighting from the larger ships will become a bit stunted.

Coming soon will be an article on fleet selection where I will explain why I built the models as I did. Hopefully this will be after its first successful encounter.

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