Elector Imperium Battlefleet sets sail

The Elector Battlefleet for Warcradles Dystopian Wars is setting sail as we speak. This new set will take the total number of fleets designed and produced by Warcradle to three. With more on the way I think we can expect a fairly regular drop of fleets and expansion boxes in the coming months.

The Imperium warmachine is built upon a single concept – efficiency. Having the right weaponry for an engagement is often the key to victory. Having access to all manner of different ship configurations allows an Admiral access to what you needs, when you need it. With widespread rail networks extending from Prussia to the other Germanic nations of the Imperium. The navy (known as the Kaiserliche Marine) decided to equip a new generation of warships and support vessels with compatible gauge rails to allow weaponry and goods to be easily changed in short order. This allows the Imperium to be responsive to the needs of the operation at hand without having to go to the cost or lengthy construction times of creating specific ships to fill those requirements. Should a vessel be needed to bombard an enemy shore battery. A Blucher cruiser can be modified to create an Augustus Bombardment Cruiser in less than a day. At the Wilhelmshaven Imperial Shipyard, the record stands for the refitting of the warship Stralsund. The cruiser had arrived fresh from hunting corsairs off the coast of Heligoland three hours earlier. In those few hours the yard crew removed her (still steaming) Volt Gun Batteries and installed a Gustav Heavy Bombard in their place.

Over a hundred and fifty Elector-type hulls have been constructed from the fleet yards at Kiel and Wilhelmshaven. Many of these operate today as Elector class Battleships, the mainstay of the Imperium navy. One in ten Elector hulls are of a suitable quality for further reinforcement and outfitting to become a Kaiser class Heavy Battleship. Often the last thing seen by a target abeam of these vessels, the Kaiser’s Salute is a full volley from her Heavy Volt Gun Batteries to Port or Starboard. Some vessels, such as the Heidelberg Class Battlecruiser carry their own locomotives with them in order to ensure fast and efficient loading, unloading and refitting at whatever port they visit. In addition to this pair of Bavarian Adler class engines, Heidelberg Battlecruisers have expansive logistics staff and control centres to help conduct successful military operations.

Akin to the other battlefleets the Elector is designed as a building block for building your first fleet or for expanding on an existing force. Inside the box you will find an Elector class battleship which can be buit to represent one of three named ships. 2 Cruisers and 4 Frigate class ships. These small starting sets much akin to the WWX sets are a great launching point into the game. Being reasonable cost effective yet not to overwhelming to try something new.

The Elector set is no different to the other sets released and is really simple to assemble. Again the difficulty comes from choosing your load out for the ships but this will either come down to personal preference, or something to tank your other local players with, not that we recommend that of course.

The resin Elector ship looks amazing and has a nice chunky feel behind it. While the Cruisers and Frigates whilst also looking great don’t have as much weight being made out of plastic. But they will look great on a table surrounded by other ships of their type all escorting the larger Battleships. Once Warcradle has reached the point where there are more ships to choose from in the larger classes that is when I believe this game will really become great. Not that it isn’t a great game already. Although it is still early days with few ‘official’ releases behind it and the ‘count as’ rules being a little underwhelming.

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