Incarnate Sentinals stalk the land

Para Bellum Wargames, publisher of fantasy Mass Combat Miniature Wargame “Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings” and Skirmish ruleset “Conquest: First Blood”, releases the Incarnate Sentinels, a new Brute-size regiment for the Spires faction hand sculpted in resin.

“With our fifth Faction, the W’adrhŭn, out of the gates, it is time to refocus a little on our existing factions and expand their army lists” says Community Manager, Leandros “Leo” Mavrokefalos. “What better way to do that than a high-quality, full resin regiment, with the unique – or creepy… – aesthetic of the Spires?” Perverse creations of the Directorate, individual organs were gathered and assembled over a reinforced skeleton.

Favoring function before elegance, the Incarnates are yet another example of the Spires surpassing the limits of flesh. With a twistedly beautiful sculpt, the Incarnate Sentinels’ lore takes life through their models, all the while being a strong addition to every Spire Warlord’s forces!

Releasing in July in at your favorite FLGS, the Incarnate Sentinel will be a much sought-after Spires Regiment, combining a unique aesthetic with a strong punch on the table!

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