Dominion: New Edition and the Newbie

Dominion is the new gargantuan offering from Games Workshop, myself and Kenny are looking at it from two different angles. Kenny the grizzled veteran and me the guy who has never rolled more than a dozen dice in the Age of Sigmar game setting. Having looked at getting into Warhammer literally days before the death knell was sounded and the square bases left I went with Kings of War over Age of Sigmar, mainly as I prefer their mechanics of handing troops and regiments. However the new Kruleboyz caught my eye so Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition here I come.

Dominion is a big box, much bigger than your average ‘starter set’ but with good reason as well as introducing the new Kruleboyz we also get new Sigmarite forces.

Coming into a system at the launch of a new edition is great as there isn’t quite the same amount of rules catch up as everyone gets to grip with the new system, although having seen Kennies thoughts on this subject it seems that there is still a fair amount of catching up to do.

The Rules

The biggest part of a new edition is the rules, no matter what new models come out. If the rules take the wrong turn it could spell a rough few months for any company. Despite being the biggest Games Workshop are not immune to this either. The rules book is massive slavered in glorious full cover art work not spoiled in anyway by logos or anything like that. I am loving this idea for a start as Games Workshop has a fantastic art! Before getting to that though there is a smaller book with Start Here emblazoned on the front. What I was expecting was a cut down rules with a small scenario or something to help out newer players. What I got was actually a run down on the background of the new units and some fluff on the War at Amberstone Watch. A cool touch but a bit misleading. After a read it really doesn’t serve much purpose I feel.

The rules in the Dominion box set are wholly included in a massive tomb 362 pages deep. A little overwhelming until you look and see that the rules actually don’t start till page 245.  The rules are split into Core, Match Type, and Conquest Unbound.

With the layout of all the rules following in a clear and orderly manner.

Some of the rules writing almost a bit to over simplified in places. That being said they do read easily and clearly which from my point of view is great. New to the system and playing many different systems having the rules laid out so easily is helpful.

With a decent Contents and index everything seems relatively straight forward to find. As a newbie to Age of Sigmar I was expecting to spend more than my fair share of time flicking around the book. However in I am managing to navigate the book easily. Having a good Index and Contents is great and each rule that refers to something else also give a reference to help you find it without consulting the contents or index as well making navigating the rules a stress free experience.

You are the General

Picking your army seems to have changed slightly but that is well detailed as well as some cool abilities that are generic to everything. Looking at the Kruleboyz it is possible to field everything at same time by using a Battle Regiment and Vanguard Core Battalions. This is an unusual move by Games Workshop as from what I can remember is that it is nearly always impossible to get everything out in one hit without first purchasing some more models. Yes I know who would have thought it. But here it is great as the models are push fit so not as time consuming to make as traditional models.

Is Dominion just for Beginners?

As you may have noticed this is my first proper foray into Age of Sigmar and while yes it is a very hefty set of kit, I would not recommend a different starter set for Age of Sigmar, I am pre-empting the cut down versions that I am sure will follow akin to what followed Indomnitus. The set is short of a few dice and a method of measurement like other sets.

Dominion is great for beginners as well as those just wishing to expand. Just over 1000 points of Kruleboyz is a great way to start a new force or add a set of allies.

Personally I feel that with some patience and practic Age of Sigmar could be a game I grow into. Not on the same sort of scale as I enjoy Kings of War for my fantasy fix. More a half way house between a skirmish and a day long battle. Age of Sigmar is a little to granular for my tastes to take it to that same sort of level, but it is still a great game and Dominion is a great way of getting into Age of Sigmar.

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