Season One Organised Play For Conquest

Para Bellum Wargames, publisher of fantasy Mass Combat Miniature Wargame “Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings” and Skirmish ruleset “Conquest: First Blood”, launch Organized Play: Season One kit, with 6 boxes of materials and exclusive rewards!

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Mass Battles Miniature Wargame “Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings” and the Skirmish system “Conquest: First Blood”, revealed the details of their “Organized Play: Season One” kits and set the stage for an entire new Conquest experience for Retailers and Clubs! With six boxes designed to keep the players engaged and rewarded for their participation and with unique codes for the Conquest’s Living World that reward both participants and Retailers/ Clubs, Season One of Conquest’s Organized play is aiming to set the standard for a thrilling, satisfying and complete wargaming experience!

“For us, Conquest’s living, beating heart always has been and always will be its community” says Leandros ‘Leo’ Mavrokefalos, the Community Manager of Para Bellum Wargame. “Our Organized Play kit is designed with that community in mind, offering options for different types of play and events, while rewarding participation through our Living World platform and offering exclusive rewards.” Comprised of six boxes, each intended for 8 players-events, Conquest’s Organized Play: Season One offers materials, guidelines and exclusive rewards for Tournament, League and Campaign Play, as well as Paint and Take events. Tournament rewards even include exclusive miniatures of the un-released factions of the Old Dominion, the City States and the Weavers! Run one event every 2 weeks, and each Season One Kit will last an entire quarter of the year.

Conquest’s Organized Play: Season One kit includes:
– Three Tournament Play boxes, containing Tournament Registration codes, Tournament Scenarios 1-6, Card Sleeves, a Deck Box and Store Activity Codes. As well as three exclusive miniatures from upcoming factions: The City States, The Old Dominion and The Weaver Courts.
– One League Play box, for a more relaxed format of tournament. The box contains a League Booklet, Store Activity Codes and Upgrade Kits for our 5 factions.
– One Campaign Play box, designed for players that want to start small and expand their armies with an organized and non-strict narrative system. The box contains Short Campaign Rules, Store Activity Codes plus Upgrade Kits for the current 5 factions.
– One Paint and Take event box, containing Store Activity Codes, a Red Grass Miniature Holder, a Red Grass Mini Wet Pallet, Warcolour Antithesis Paints, Da Vinci Brushes and a Quick Paint Guide.

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