PWork Wargames Urban Sector Terrain Mat – Review

As swathes of the country start to breathe a little easier with lockdowns easing, we can finally press on and start thinking about playing games with our friends and loved ones once again! Preparing for some Kill Team with my gaming circle, I decided to look into new battle mats for this. Fortunately, the team at PWork Wargames were kind enough to send me one of their 22″ x 30″ battle mats. Spoiler alert, I’m very happy with the PWork Wargames Urban Sector Terrain Mat!

The Urban Sector Terrain Mat is available in a number of sizes. The largest is 6ft by 4ft and the smallest being the aforementioned Kill Team size. You can also purchase it in a choice of PVC, neoprene or cloth. I received the 22″ x 30″ neoprene version. It arrived in fine condition and unfurls with minimal curling, despite being packaged rolled-up through transport.

Battlefield on the Move

Laying eyes on the mat, the first thing to note is the quality of the print, which is rather superb. I was first concerned that the quality would be less-than-ideal. This could be especially true on a design that features plenty of straight edges and minor details. However, the fidelity of the print hasn’t suffered in printing and I am honestly impressed at the final result. The neoprene material is soft and light, allowing easy transport without being weighed down at only 2mm thickness. In addition, the non-slip backing of the mat means that it’ll stay firm where it’s sat, with no impromptu sliding-around. Furthermore, models grip onto the mat very comfortably.

The style and tone of the Urban Sector Terrain Mat are quite grey and muted, which initially made me worry that it’d feel washed-out and muted. Fortunately, these neutral colours actually help to put the focus where they should be – on the miniatures. Whilst the prospect of a mostly-grey battle mat may not sound too appealing, it does make sense for an urban setting whilst also ensuring that it doesn’t steal a spotlight from the stars of the show. It likely goes without saying, but the visual style of the mat works perfectly with Warhammer 40,000 – so the PWork Wargames guys clearly know their audience. Of course, this would likely work with any remotely grimdark sci-fi setting.

It goes without saying that having the mat cut to a precise 22″ by 30″ makes Kill Team (and Warcry with the other designs) even easier to get set-up for. These hard-wearing mats can be rolled-up and bundled in a bag to be carried around with ease, only enforcing the convenience of these more coffee table-sized games.

Old Lessons Learned

The main concern I had regarding the Urban Sector Terrain Mat was from an old bugbear of mine. When I got my hands on a previous battle mat from PWork Wargames, it was the Industrial Ruins Battle Mat. My biggest issue with that mat was the unmissable, obnoxious logo design in the corner. Thankfully, the new mats feature the logo without a solid-black background, meaning they blend in far better to the design. I was exceptionally pleased to see this issue remedied as PWork Wargames continue to create and develop their products. The only thing that would have made this even better would be if it shipped with a carry bag. Although, for the size of the mat, this isn’t a dealbreaker.

There’s a surprising amount that can go wrong with a simple product such as a battle mat. Where the Urban Sector Terrain Mat is concerned, PWork Wargames have continued to refine their products and processes with good success. The neoprene material works exceptionally well, the print quality is excellent and doesn’t suffer an unpalatable logo sticking out like a sore thumb. At the cost of around £25, it even works out cheaper than similar mats offered by some competitors.

If you’re getting set to reunite with your gaming buddies to throw dice and dive into some tabletop skirmishes, I’d certainly say grabbing a mat from PWork Wargames such as the Urban Sector Terrain Mat would be a great way to break into those games once again.

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