Daughters of Khaine: Battletomb, first look.

Daughters of Khaine are next week receiving their Battle tomb for Age of Sigmar. We get to take a closer look at the Daughters of Khaine. Ahead of the time when blood will spill in the Mortal Realms.

A matriarchal society of Aelves, the Daughters of Khaine worship the merciless Aelven god Khaine. The leader of this cult Morathi has lived so long and schemed so much that she is no longer a Sorceress. Having now ascended to being a God herself. No mean feat even in a fantastical world. As someone very new to the lore of the Daughters of Khaine I really struggled to find their pigeon hole as to where they fit in. They aren’t really bad guys as in the typical Chaos Orruc kind of sense. Despite allying with Sigmar they are definitely far from good. In fact, the middle line is still a blur in the distance. They just seem to live to scrap and do it in the name of their God Khaine. Who is conveniently being ousted by Morathi herself slowly.

Daughters of Khaine Lore

Obviously, the Daughters of Khaine is filled with fantastic writing, depicting the history albeit briefly, of this unique force. Mainly focusing on Morathi and the Goddess she becomes. How she brought a small cult from the verge of extinction through to being a city-state and beyond. Although her visions seem like they may even extend past those of Sigmar himself.

The armies have their own cults represented so you can field a variety of ‘fluffy’ themed forces. As well as various different Warscroll Battalions each of which bring their own benefits to the game. For example, a Scathcoven doesn’t take any battleshock tests.

New Warscrolls

Heading into the warscolls section of the book the first two entries are Morathi-Khaine and The Shadow Queen. The two aspects of the young Goddess herself. If you field one you must field the other. Coming in at 600 points, thankfully you probably won’t be seeing her in many smaller sized games due to the cost. However, when you do you will know it.

Each model has a host of its own rules and characteristics and for all intents and purposes, they are separate units with exception to their wounds. All damage dealt to Morathi-Khaine and The Shadow Queen are transferred directly to the Shadow Queen. This is due to the Two Bodies, One Soul rule. Which pairs very nicely with the Iron Heart of Khaine rule. This prevents The Shadow Queen from taking more than three wounds in any turn. This is a cumulation of normal wounds and Mortal wounds from both models. With a total of 12 wounds, these two are guaranteed to still be around at the start of turn four.

Close Combat is the Way Forward

Keeping with the theme of the army and the killing frenzy that Khaine seems to find satisfying it is not surprising to find most of the warscroll units are more geared for close combat with a healthy smattering of wizards. Limited ranged options and only one cavalry option the doomfire warlocks, however, the army is not starved of speed by a long shot. Shadowstalkers can travel through a sub realm to appear anywhere on the battlefield. Standard infantry options have a move of 6″ whilst Khinersi Lifetkers and Khinerai Heartrenders both have a move of 14″.

With relatively low save values across the board players are going to have to rely on speed to get across the board and using cover to get these death-dealing units into combat.

This is where the Aelves of the Daughters of Khaine really shine. Each unit has various combat abilities. The Witch Aelves, which will form the core of many armies are veritably dangerous in close combat. If a unit is armed with two sacrificial knives gain an attack dice on top of the regular two. Also gaining +1 to wound if within 12″ of another Daughters of Khaine unit. So each model, if positioned correctly should be pumping out three attacks hitting on a three and wounding on a three as well. The other configuration of the sacrificial blade and Bladed Buckler lowers that to two attacks. Although, when attacked in melee if a save roll of an unmodified 6 is made then the attacker suffers a mortal wound after the attack is completed.

Overall a very good the lore is incredibly intricate and although the warscrolls says Order. I am not wholly convinced other than there pure hated for Slaanesh they really do seem to sit in the grey area of boundaries. The Daughters of Khaine are an army I have never seen on the field before. After reading through the book I am very disappointed with this. Personally, I would love to collect an army of these. They just scream thematic at me more than any other army I have looked at to date other than the Armies of Nagash.

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