First Blood Starter Sets Announced

First Blood which is a skirmish version of Conquest The Last Argument of Kings by Para Bellum Wargames. Has now got starter sets on the way. Announced this week are the first set of starters.

These brand new starter sets are designed to give a taste of the different factions and their skirmish game. Named Faction Taster Starter Sets, these boxes bring everything a player needs to start their Skirmish battles!

Spires Faction Starter Set

First Blood is growing, in scope and in player base,” says Leandros Mavrokefalos, Community Manager of Para Bellum Wargames, “and we want to make sure there’s a good deal out there for people who want to get to know it. The Faction Tasters are an ideal way to start the game and get a sneak-peak into the Mass Battles of The Last Argument of Kings!”

First Blood is a fast-paced Wargame of thrilling Skirmish battles, set in the world of Conquest. Since the very beginning, Conquest has aimed to be a complete gaming experience, not simply a game. Taking another step in that direction. First Blood is designed to provide to the players the opportunity to experience a different type of Conquest combat – but still play a Conquest battle and with the same minis.  After all, an entire war can be decided in a single skirmish…

Inside the Box

The Faction Taster Starter sets are designed as a starting force for the Skirmish “First Blood”. Offering a character and a small, flexible force of eight infantry units. That way, they also provide a good taste of a “Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings” army, the fast-paced Mass Battles game, becoming an entry product to not one but two games. The rules of both games are available online for free but a softcover printed First Blood rulebook is waiting in every Taster box!

Dweghorn Faction Starter Set

The Faction Starter Taster Sets contain everything you need to start playing First Blood including:

– A softback First Blood Rulebook
– 1 Character
– 4+4 infantry models
– Their Command Cards
– 9 Infantry Bases

These First Blood starter sets are an awesome way into the world. Without being a huge drain on time and resources. As the models are the same as mass battle game you get the bonus reinforcement. Being a huge Spires fan and a fledgling Dweghorn fan I am hoping and tempted with those two starter sets. We will have to see now they are released. Now the First Blood Sets wont be able to drop straight into The Last Argument of Kings. Although you will be able to use them to reinforce your units and get a bit more out of each unit choice.

You can Order your First Blood starter sets now. Taking those first tentative steps into the Conquest Universe now just follow the link here. Sorry I just know everybody loves the Spires.

I will be back with more Conquest based news very soon. In the meantime you can check us out of facebook. Drop us a follow to keep up to date with all the stuff we are looking at.

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