Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and the Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, revealed a special kit for its retailers, available in January 2021, to promote the launch of Conquest: First Blood.

Titled First Blood : First Glory these retailer kits contain previously unreleased “taster” boxes, softcover First Blood rulebooks, First Blood t-shirts, marketing tents and First Blood themed mats and dice trays, specially made by Kraken Wargames.

“We want to support and enhance the efforts of our Conquest retailers and their gaming communities” says Daryl McKay, Global Head of Sales and Marketing. “Apart from products, this kit offers tools to promote not just First Blood, but all Conquest products. They are ‘conversation starters’, there to provide the opportunity to talk about Conquest as an entire tabletop gaming world.”

The Faction “taster” boxes, which will be initially available solely to retailers through the First Blood : First Glory kit, are designed as a starting force for the skirmish First Blood: an opportunity for a ‘first taste’ of the Conquest game. Players are also set up with an initial foundation for a Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings army, the fast-paced Mass Battles game and the flagship of Para Bellum Wargames, becoming an entry product to not one but two games. The rules of both games are available online for free. It is also handy to have a printed rulebook during demos and gaming nights. Many players prefer a solid, printed version in their hands. The T-Shirts are designed for sale or prizing to customers and for staff members use. Finally, First Blood tablemats and dice trays, made by none other than Kraken Wargames of Germany, mark the initial collaboration of the two companies. The retailer kit provides quality materials for general use in stores to promote “First Blood” and build a larger Conquest community for their local store.

The “First Blood – First Glory” Retailer Kit contains:

  • 4 x Faction Starter/“Taster” Box (one of each of the Conquest factions)
  • 4 x “Conquest: First Blood” softcover rulebooks
  • 1 x “Conquest: First Blood” Mat by Kraken Wargames
  • 2 x “Conquest: First Blood” Dice Trays by Kraken Wargames
  • 6 x “Conquest: First Blood” T-Shirts
  • 2 x “Conquest: First Blood” Tents
  • 1 x “Conquest: First Blood” Poster


Our writer, Robey Jenkins, is the owner of Precinct Omega Publishing and author of his own range of science fiction tabletop miniatures games, and regular provider of industry analysis through his podcast. He offers us his exclusive thoughts on this latest news from Para Bellum Wargames.

“From an industry perspective, Parabellum is conducting what amounts to a fascinating experiment as they throw yet more money at attempting to deliver to market a brand new game with an extensive (and expensive) miniatures line from an untested company.

“Although Conquest: Last Argument of Kings was officially launched in 2018, it is yet to make a substantial impact on the international wargames radar, but Para Bellum clearly have immense faith in the product that they unquestionably talented in-house team has assembled. Whether COVID-19 has had a positive or negative impact on their sales is hard to say, but they clearly want to use the gradual release of wargamers from various levels of lockdown and isolation as a springboard to drive new sales.

“The announcement of a skirmish version of their game might have been a better place to begin marketing, rather than leaving it until two years after initial release. But now that it’s out there, this retailer exclusive is a smart – if expensive – move to try to reach wargamers looking for a new fantasy range to explore.

“The only question that remains to be seen is whether enough wargamers are looking for a new game, in an unusual scale, from an untested design studio.

“If Para Bellum can brute force their way to success with the kind of broad, mass media, traditional marketing that they’ve been throwing money at for the last three months, it will send a massive signal to venture capitalists and investment funds that tabletop miniatures is ripe for a mainstream takeover.

“Although I hate to see a company fail when it has kind of talent and passion found in Para Bellum, for the sake of the many smaller business operating in our market (mine included) I kind of hope they do.”

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