War in the Holds: The Next Kings of War Chapter

War in the Holds is the latest release for Mantic Games very popular Kings of War fantasy battle game. Just what is inside the Holds and where is the next chapter of Panthinor heading?

Since Kings of War went to Kickstarter to fund the 2nd edition of the game it has gone from strength to strength. Regular releases that are plugging holes in the army lists through to new models. This is accompanied by a yearly update (even this year got an update to a certain extent). Now on the third edition Kings of war is getting stronger with a new two-player starter set now being released. Unusually for a two-player starter set, there is no real good guy versus bad guy in this set. More morally unsure and need someone’s leg to hide behind verses the bad guys.

Inside the box

Mantic have gone with the option of forgoing the usual gubbins that tends to find themselves thrown into just about every starter set out there in order to cram a bit more into quite a small box. But what you get is definitely a step up. Firstly the gamers edition of the 3rd edition rulebook. This isn’t rules light at all but is just the rules so there is no fluff just rules and Army lists from the Original 3rd edition hardback.

Possibly a bit of an own goal here as that means there are no Ratkin rules or army list in the box. Then there is a getting started pamphlet. Inside the Getting Started pamphlet there are tips on assembling, a quick and dirty painting recipe to get the models looking good quick, two army lists to use with the box and a quick Campaign as well. Absolutely nothing earth-shattering I think you will agree but a very nice touch especially the complete army list for the models in the box.


Being a new set the Goblins had to have some new models the Goblin force. The new set for bog-standard goblin infantry is much better than it was previously. Although I can’t say for definite as the only goblin models were for Vanguard….. and that was enough for me. But so far these little green (well currently grey) buggers have been much easier to assemble and have a lot more character and options on the sprue. Inside the box is enough little green guys to build 2 full regiments (by full I mean no multi basing the full 20 models). If you already have a Goblin force you could build them as a full horde. Alternatively, if you go down the multi basing route you could comfortably get two regiments and a troop out of the Goblins or a horde and a troop.

Exclusive to the War in the Holds box set is the new goblin Wizard. I am yet to think of a name for him and his Warband. I am thinking maybe Grob Hoshi or something like that I’ll leave it to you to figure out the references in there. Three Ogres fill out the force but these aren’t new sculpts. But will make a nice break from painting rank and file miniatures.


Again more firsts with new plastic Ratkin which are suitably grungy and well kind of ratty. These kits are also a joy to put together. Much better than the original Kings of War ranges. Dare I say it but I think a bit easier than the 2nd edition releases as well. There are 40 of the new Ratkin models included and can be built in the same manner as the goblins for force composition. You also get a Nightstalker to round out the force. This also gives you something other than rank and file troops to paint.

Even the Exclusive resin Shaman has a nice feel about him that previous Mantic Resins haven’t had. Coupled with cool poses as well the Ratkin are ready to go straight out of the box as well. Building and painting aside of course.

War in the Holds Overall

So who is the War in the Holds box going to appeal to? Well, any new players to Kings of War will not go wrong with a War of the Holds set. Though small the two forces will make a great starting point to learn the game. To existing players, well as well as the exclusive models you also get the new kits which can be configured in a variety of ways. So you can fill most troop gaps you may have or even a place to expand on the next few thousand points. For players with either Neautral or Evil armies then either of the included forces will make a great Ally to fight alongside. I am planning on some Goblin chaff for my Forces of the Abyss army for the game.

You can pick up your mantic supplies and reinforcements here.

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