10mm Fantasy Army Project

Cover of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition

Tiny miniatures are on the rise! There is no doubt with new manufacturers and printing techniques that 10mm wargaming is currently undergoing a resurgence of popularity. The appeal for many gamers begins with budget and transportability. No need to pay £1000 for an army when a tenth of that will get you a sizeable force in 10mm scale. Gone is the need to fill your boot or book an extra suitcase too as 1 or 2 Really Useful Boxes will carry everything you could need for a day of gaming!

10mm Fantasy army Defending a Castle
The Army of the Empire makes ready to defend one of its cities

Without a doubt this year has been the worst in recent memory for games expos, shows and tournaments. This culminated in the cancellation of the UK Games Expo. This was our gaming group’s annual get together as we live all over the UK.

My Hero! Excellent Miniatures Vampire Lord on Dire Bat

Not to be put off, we decided we would give ourselves a lockdown project. After many long, and often heated discussions, we decided on 10mm fantasy war gaming! A challenge to the aging eyes and shaky hands of a bunch of 45+ year old gamers but one that we nonetheless all agreed to take up.

The Rule System

Cover of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition

The system we decided to use was Warhammer Fantasy Battle Third Edition. Why 3rd? The reasons were several actually – firstly this was the addition that also saw the launch of Mighty Empires, the campaign ruleset. It’s this ruleset which we will be using to run an online campaign. The rules also allow a lot of customization of units to suit each player’s preference.  With points for base units, weapon and armour choices, spells etc. it will offer a lot of flexibility to build that fiendishly evil unit we all want!

This lock down project will be published weekly as I work through reviewing, cleaning, painting, building and putting together all of the elements that will eventually enable me to get my 10mm army onto the tabletop.  

It wouldn’t be a workstation if it wasn’t messy!

The 10mm Project!

This project will cover everything from start to finish to complete a 10mm fantasy army. This will include assembly, painting, basing, terrain, 3D printing as well as gaming mats.

So there will be plenty to cover – I will be reviewing materials from the following manufactures as well as some home made 3D Printed terrain!

Excellent Miniatures (3D resin printed miniatures)

Pendraken Miniatures (metal miniatures)

Kallistra  (metal miniatures)

Battlescale Wargame Buildings (terrain)

Deep Cut Studios (battle mats)

Fatfrank’s Wargame (terrain)

Terrains4Games (terrain and basing)

War World Scenics (terrain and basing)

Games Workshop (I’ll be using different types of their paint)

Just Lasered (acrylic bases)

The Army Painter (I’ll be using some of their brushes)

The goal is to have this complete in the run up to Christmas! Hopefully it will inspire you to tackle a major project too!

Next week I will be starting on the miniature reviews

If you’ve been wondering what army I am fielding it will be UNDEAD! Who doesn’t love a bit of eternally damned and hard to kill mayhem on the battlefield!

Excellent Miniatures Heavy Skeleton Regiment

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