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When someone says check out Turbo Dork i was expecting some stupid Youtube video. To say I was not dissapointed is an understatment. Turbo Dork paints which should be landing at The Outpost some time in the next week look absolutely fantastic.

I have a feeling they are going to need a steady hand and a good eye to apply really well. So I think we can safely count me out, but some of the colours are absolutely fantastic.

As you can see the colour shift is fantastic in the above painted model. Apparently with a few (2-4) thin coats.

Radium just looks all sorts off fantastic. If I ever get hold of some of these paints I will be getting Dreadball back out again just to paint and play the models shown on the website.

Not only are there some great Colour shift paints but some of the Metallics look especially not worthy as well. There is something there for just about all metals.

I am pretty sure Emerald Night would go very well with a big release from this weekend.

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