New 18mm Miniatures from Lancashire Games

Allan at Lancashire games has recently added a number of codes to his range of 18mm American civil war and Fresh Revolution ranges. Lancashire Games havebeen kind enough to send me a few different packs from the range to have a look at, including some lovely characterful pieces.

18mm American Civil War

Starting with the American Civil War (ACW) pieces we have a number of different infantry miniatures. These also include command groups and some characters.

18mm American Civil War Infantry and Command
18mm American Civil War Characters
18mm American Civil War Infantry and Command

Alongside the traditional ACW infantry and command we also have command and infantry in greatcoats:

18mm American Civil War Infantry and Command in Greatcoats

18mm Zouaves

Finally to round out the range that we were sent are some Zouaves in turbans. Zouaves are always nice to see and work really well to add in some different looking units to your ACW army.

18mm American Civil War Zouaves

18mm French Revolution

Alongside the ACW ranges Allan has also been working on the French Revolutionary War in the same scale. Here we can see some Vendean Rebels with improvised weapons:

18mm Vendean Rebels

Are They Any Good?

I have to be honest I have soft spot for Lancashire Games and a lot of my 15mm miniatures for other armies (Seven Year War, Napoleonic and Republican Romans) are from Allan as his prices just can’t be matched anywhere else.

That said, I’m not a huge fan of the 18mm ranges. The sculpt quality is great and they paint up really nicely but for me they’re just a bit too ‘cartoony’. I tend to prefer a more realistic look for my tiny men.

The miniatures are enormously characterful and are on the big and chunky side of things. Whereas in some cases you can mix 18mm in with 15s and get away with it that’s not going to work here. Unfortunately the cartoony nature of the miniatures means they don’t really work alongside more realistically proportioned miniatures either unfortunately.

I can’t recommend Lancashire games highly enough for their 15mm ranges but unfortunately, for me, I just can’t say the same for these 18mm figures.

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