Games Workshop Weekend Reveals

Games Workshop took to streaming yet again over the weekend to reveal a tonne of new stuff, with plenty of news for many different strokes of folks!. Just in case you missed it here they are!

Horus Heresy

Book 9 of the Horus Heresy should be with us in September, bringing with it the might of the glorious 1st legion. Yes, the secretive Dark Angels are facing off against the terrifying Night Lords. It seems this book has been on the horizon forever or maybe I have just been on too many Dark Angels fan groups! With Horus Heresy fans waiting for a long time for any sort of new publication, I’m sure this will be welcome news.


The House of Iron the newest expansion for Necromunda on the way. House of Iron is your indispensable guide to the history of House Orlock and includes all the rules you need to dominate with them in your Necromunda campaigns. New fighters, Hired Guns, and Hangers-on will be joined by House-specific weapons and wargear, which will change up the way your gang will wage war in the underhive.

Not only are we getting a new book for the Orlocks but also inbound are new cards and models!

Warhammer 40k

The #New40k gets a new model as well. According to the Warhammer Community Team:

The Hexmark Destroyer is a Deathmark who has fallen to the Destroyer curse and wants nothing other than to kill absolutely everything around it. While other Destroyers fly around with massive cannons or scuttle forward with phase blades, the Hexmark Destroyer takes the Deathmarks’ propensity for surprise attacks to epic levels. They burst from their dimensional oubliettes, the corrupted Destroyer engrams targeting and dispatching nearby enemies in a hail of enmitic disintegrator fire.

I would imagine this is what would happen if John Wayne underwent biotransference! I am not 100% sure where this sits, in honesty. It has a lot of firepower and is undeniably Necron. However, something just doesn’t sit right for me. It could just be arachnid-style face place. Of course, that’s just personal preference.

If you’ve tried the new Crusade rules from the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book then you’ll know that they’re a great way to add a narrative element to your games, following your army from scrappy patrol force to all-conquering horde. Soon, your Crusade army will have new worlds to conquer, perils to face, and rewards to reap with the first Crusade Mission Pack, Beyond the Veil. So more new 40k in the form of a Crusade campaign book. I feel these will become more common. Hopefully they will stick around as I quite like this style of gaming.

To go with Beyond the Veil Games Workshop are also releasing more scenery elements. Which is great I mean just look at them.

But what follows may not be quite as easy to stomach as we have another “Chapter Approved” book. Mission Approved Tactical Deployment.

Weeks into the #new40k and there are already a number of chapter approved books cropping up with this being the third. Hopefully, this will pan out nicely into the app. Although, with no Army Creator for the app yet I think this might be a bit much at the moment.


A game that looked as if it should tick all of my boxes, but just never seemed to take off for me, has some new releases incoming as well. This time we are taking the fight into the dungeons! I wonder how the larger gribblies will feel cramped up in a small space. Our own Kenny, on the other hand, seemed to quite enjoy Warcry!

This new starter set will also include two new forces Khainite Shadowstalkers and Scions of the Flame. The models that have been previewed look fantastic, but with everything else on the horizon, how much leg work could feasibly remain for Warcry?

This is a new way to start playing Warcry and includes the Core Book as well as a brand-new set of rules for fighting dungeon battles. Alongside these are a host of campaigns for your warbands to embark on, with suitably epic rewards. Of course, all of your existing warbands can take to the Catacombs for a fresh challenge too – and the two new warbands can be used in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

The terrain mixes a classic fantasy dungeon aesthetic with the distinctive look of the Mortal Realms, with doors to hide behind, bridges to traverse, and much more. If you’re a coward who’s scared of lava, you can also flip the board and use some of the other terrain for a more traditional Eightpoints-style Warcry game.

Okay, I must admit, looking at the new set in its entirety has piqued my interest.


This will be the fourth rotation of Underworlds and could make or break it since we are now losing all of season 2 universal cards for competitive play. There has always (for me at least) been a fairly competitive local scene for Underworlds, and some pretty good players. A few, however, were a bit jaded with season 3 for one reason or another. Hopefully the new warbands will ignite a bit of a fire under their seats.

In this new starter we have the Slaaneshi Hedonites of the Dread Pageant. Battling out against Myari’s Purifiers, a band of Lumineth Realm-lords. That sounds fairly cool by itself. Alas, this image was shown and now may never be unseen!

He’s well camouflaged, but look closely and you’ll see Otapatl, a Chameleon Skink. Yes, the Seraphon are coming!

Seraphon, a name I still cannot get used to, but what matters is that they are coming to Underworlds! I have already started twitching to see what we will get as they were always my favourite Warhammer faction. Perhaps a full Age of Sigmar update for them is on the horizon?

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