Redgrass Games: 360 Painting Handle V2 – Review

As the market for miniature painting accessories becomes more saturated, it can be difficult to devise, develop and dispense viable products. Redgrass Games, who have produced an outstanding wet palette, have revised their painting handle, giving it more features for those who wield the brush to make use of. But is it worth revisiting this item? After all, they do say that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. So, let’s take a look at the RGG Painting Handle V2.

I’ll not go into too much preamble, but it’s always good to retread basics for newcomers or would-be hobbyists. A painting handle exists so that miniature painters can have their model securely gripped without touching the model directly. Doing so can potentially damage the paint work applied to the miniature. The original version of the RGG Painting Handle did this confidently with the bonus of a rotating cap. This helped to ensure that all angles of a miniature can be reached with minimal effort.

New Features

What separates the RGG Painting Handle V2 from its predecessor are a couple of new features, but we’ll get into those shortly. The first visible aspect that divides the RGG Painting Handle V2 from the original is the sleep new colour. This new and refined appearance is certainly welcome having used the original prototype for some time.

Ergonomically, it holds just as well as the previous, proving comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time. The spinning cap also continues to be a strong selling point. With minimal effort, you can handily reach any angle of a miniature that you seek to paint.

The first of the new features we’ll talk about is the one that I find personally to be the weakest of the two – the interchangeable cap. As of the RGG Painting Handle V2, the spinning cap can now be removed and swapped out. This is designed to be handy for those painting numerous miniatures so that you can swap them out with ease. The idea itself is sound, but I can’t help but question the feasibility of this. The orange putty used to adhere a model to the top is still remarkable reliable. Additionally, swapping a model from it is minimal effort. Along with the cost of the additional caps (£5.30 for 2 caps including orange putty) it feels like these would become untenable and unnecessary.

For those who may do commission painting I could understand why this would prove convenient. However, for the cost I would personally struggle to see a reason to grab an additional set, let alone more.

Standing On It’s Own

The other new feature for the RGG Painting Handle V2 is the magnetic dock, which is definitely a solid inclusion. The bottom of the handle is magnetized and provided with a small metal disc. You pop the disc onto the bottom of the handle and this helps it to stand securely. This was something that became irksome on the original handle. Thus, it’s superb to see Redgrass Games iterate and come up with a solution that is not only optional but also minimum effort for the user.

Whilst the RGG Painting Handle V2 doesn’t reinvent the wheel where miniature holders are concerned, it iterates on an item that was already a solid purchase to make for any miniature painter. It reliably holds miniatures on bases up to 50mm. This means that near any miniature painter can make use of it. The price of the handle seems a little high for what you get. However, this hobby is not renowned for its frugality. For what you pay, the RGG Painting Handle V2 is a sound investment that will make your hobby life easier.

The two new features of the handle are somewhat disparate to me in terms of their relevance to regular hobbyists. However, both features make an already practical purchase more feasible for a wider audience. If you find yourself in need of a new handle, I would advise paying a little more than you would for other products and acquiring the RGG Painting Handle V2.

You can purchase the RGG Painting Handle V2 here from Redgrass Games.

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