Core Space: An overdue Review

Core Space by Battle Systems has been sat on my shelf for quite a while now! My apologies to Battle Systems for that. One reason was I never seemed to be able to create the time to get out and sorted. There are a fair few bits to punch and build. But during this lockdown period, I have got it all out.

Having sat down and opened the box and having a rummage around the box, as well as devouring the rule book. I came to the conclusion that I had made a very bad mistake. That mistake was leaving it on the shelf for ages.

To begin with inside the box you have everything you need to get a one or two-player campaign going. The battle mat that you have to use looks and feels great. So glad they went with the neoprene as it adds a more elegant and complete feel to the whole package. The miniatures are really characterful and varied, they are all one piece and ready to go. The player boards and all the rest of the tokens dice etc are all really good quality and very sturdy.

Core Space Game Play

The game feels very complete to play. One of the best aspects for me so far has been the disastrous speed things can go from very quiet, to a very rich target environment. Absolutely nothing can be planned for. The appearance of NPCs and the enemy Purge is so unpredictable you really have to learn to adapt and plan on the fly so to speak.

The campaign system is reasonably solid, I have only seen a few people say its too easy. So far I have had two games in a row that were completely different. The first one was a mass shoot out and rush to survive from the very start of the game. Whilst the second one was a bit more leisurely, allowing me to interact with more scenery and NPCs without the overriding threat of doom bearing down on me. Don’t get me wrong both games were incredibly fun. It highlights the incredible variety that Core Space can throw out at you, and all of this in Solo play as well.

So you can obviously play solo games as I have also mentioned, but you can as well as that play vs games or co-op games. The whole campaign is pretty fraught with off the table wheeling and dealing. It actually looks like part of the campaign you cant complete without coming to at least some sort of co-operative deal with at least one player. How long that co-operation last though is an entirely different matter.

The Scenery

The scenery, although when I first looked at it seemed very daunting. Is an absolute breeze to put together. As long as you make sure that you use the included key for the pieces if not you might end up getting a bit lost. On the whole, despite being cardboard, I have never played on such a great board before. All for the cost of 20 minutes or so to set everything up. It gets a bit easier especially if you pack everything away neatly. You can probably guess what I didn’t do the first time round.

With new crews scenery expansions and even more either already released or on the cards. Core Space is very much a well-supported game that will keep giving back to for a long while. I think there are even plans for more expansions coming later this year.

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