Games Workshop Mystery Boxes

Games Workshop have today announced they will be selling mystery boxes. No we don’t have any idea whats in them so we cant spoil them for any one!

Here is what has been announced. Each mystery box will be flavoured towards a certain theme, and will save you at least 50%. Now while this is great if you happen to get something you are going to use. Alternatively if you are bored and can’t decide on a new project. But the price tags may be a little on the high side for some.

At the moment there is an Imperium Themed mystery box, which retailing at £75 means there should be £150+ worth of kits in there. While this sounds really good its worth noting that Imperium Themed is a very large pool to draw from. Astra Militarum, Space Marines, Inquisitors, Imperial Knights, Sisters of Battle and within most of these there are even more divisions.

At the time of writing this the only stock left is the Underworlds themed Mystery box. This has a price point of £65 so is probably a very good bargain. For about this price you can get the base set a few accessories. As well as a few extra warbands to expand the game. It wont get you the whole collection mind but could very much get you on your way.

For comparison I added the core box, Carry case, play mat, deck box, Primal Lair and a Warband to the cart. This came to £145.50 so not to much over the minimum value of the box which should be £130+.

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