Warhammer 40K: Munitorum Field Manual 2020 Updates

On the seemingly-eternal run-up to the release of Warhammer 40,000 9th edition, you’d find yourself needing two things to take this system for a spin. Firstly, you’ll need to core rules which were handily released for free on the Warhammer Community website. Secondly, you’ll need the updated points values brought in for the new edition. The Munitorum Field Manual contains every single unit’s updated points values and we have fortunately received a digital copy to peruse!

The general consensus from Games Workshop appears to be that, for the most part, plenty of things are going up in points. This is seemingly to shift the games to having a lower model count which means that they can be played in shorter time-spans and in smaller spaces. This fits into the “More Warhammer, More Often” ethos that seems to be the main mantra as of late.

We’ll not go over the points costs of every unit in every faction in this article. Instead, we’ll do our best to go over some of the key units across a breadth of factions. Have most units gone up in price to promote more bite-sized gaming? Or is this an attempt to try and restore some balance to the massively popular tabletop wargame? For reference, “old points costs” are taken from the Munitorum Field Manual 2019.


Name: Typhus
Faction: Death Guard

Old Points CostNew Points Cost

Typhus has seen a slight rise in points cost. Typhus is a very capable HQ unit and fairly reliable in Death Guard lists for higher cost games. This rise in points doesn’t come as a complete surprise but it’s quite minor and shouldn’t have too much of an impact on his viability for Death Guard players.

Name: Hive Tyrant with Wings
Faction: Tyranids

Old Points Cost (excluding wargear)New Points Cost (excluding wargear)

The “Flyrant” sees a similarly small rise in points cost. Small points increases for individual units may not feel like a big deal, but if every unit in your army sees a points rise then it’ll soon clock up.


Name: Infantry Squad
Faction: Astra Militarum

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

At a glance, you may think that a single point cost increase might seem negligible, but don’t be fooled. When you consider this change to Imperial Guardsmen where you could well be fielding 30 to 60 at a time, this could see a notable increase in cost. This would support and validate the claims that Games Workshop are looking to increase points costs to have smaller games and fewer models on the board. However, I was expecting a more noticeable gap between old and new values.

Name: Intercessor Squad
Faction: Adeptus Astartes

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

This is more along the lines of what I would expect to see. With Intercessors being as impactful in the game as they are, it only makes sense that they see a cost increase. With them generally being fielded in smaller squads compared to Guardsmen, whether this will have much of an effect on army lists and composition will remain to be see. An interesting point of note is that the Auto Bolt Rifles are 0 points cost in this new book, which may well negate some of the points cost raise from the get-go.

Drukhari Kabalite Warriors also see a 3-point rise per model excluding wargear along with the other Drukhari Troops choices. Where Dire Avengers from their Craftworld cousins have seen a mighty increase of 5 points per model. Thus far, infantry to seem to be going up in cost across the board. Not by a lot in most cases, but they’ll soon tally up.

Fast Attack

Name: Scourges
Faction: Drukhari

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

The flying, death-dispensing deviants of the Drukhari have seen an increase of 3 points per model without wargear. This feels like a bit of a shame as generally you never see Scourges too often in Drukhari lists. This is typically due to the risk of them deep-striking, firing once and then getting obliterated off the board with minimal effort. This feels as though units in the new edition have received a blanket-increase in some form or another. It’s a shame that in this process there may not have been time to move some units the other way that may desperately need it. With this in mind, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a surge of Scourges on the board anytime soon.

Name: Warbikers
Faction: Orks

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

The Ork Warbikers continue the trend with their cost seeing a significant rise of 4 points per model. Fielding them in squads of 3 to zoom onto objectives won’t see much of a change with this adjustment. However, as is the case with everything, the cost becomes significant as you field bigger squads. Thus, infantry and troop choices will naturally see more of a dent in their points allowance than most other units will.


Name: XV25 Stealth Battlesuit
Faction: T’au Empire

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

T’au Stealth Battlesuits also see a higher cost in their points. This one certainly feels more consequential since fielding these guys in squads of three will mean you’ve now almost spent enough extra points for an additional suit. Those of you who may seem eager to field hordes of Stealth Battlesuits will surely feel the sting on this one, on top of the changes to hit modifiers should they be universal.

Name: Invictor Tactical Warsuit
Faction: Adeptus Astartes

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

The Invictor Tactical Warsuit sees an impressive raise in points cost, an increase of 45 points! An rise of 50% means that this Warsuit is now going to be all the more difficult to consider bringing, especially in those smaller games. The Aggressors also see an impressive increase in cost, jumping from 21 to 40 per model excluding wargear!

Heavy Support

Name: Carnifex
Faction: Tyranids

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

It would appear that the more sizeable units of Warhammer 40,000 are also seeing a considerable jump in the Munitorum Field Manual. An increase of 17 points will certainly not make many Carnifex-centric Tyranid players jump for joy. However, looking at everything we’ve found so far, everything is going up, so the Carnifex will not be alone.

Name: Land Raider
Faction: Adeptus Astartes

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

Finally! Something that seems to be going down and not up! The drop in 5 points will not make the Land Raider too much more appealing to field. However, with everything else going up in points in comparison, this might just be the start to seeing the return of the Land Raider to tables near you!

Lords of War

Name: Knight Tyrant
Faction: Chaos Knights

Old Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)New Points Cost (per model, excluding wargear)

It looks like we’re back to cost increases after the blessed Land Raider. The Knight Tyrant stomps into view with a notable points increase, but not quite the percentage hike that we’ve seen in other units. With the new rules for cover potentially hampering Knights and their effectiveness to fight at infantry behind buildings, this is another unwelcome blow to Knight players. The Imperial counterparts see similar increases, with the Warden and Crusader seeing a rise in over 100 points!

Name: Mortarion
Faction: Death Guard

Old Points CostNew Points Cost

The Daemon Primarch Mortarion sees a very slight increase in his cost. This Munitorum Field Manual will nudge Mortarion ever-closer to taking up exactly 25% of a 2,000 point Death Guard list. Once again, the minute rise won’t make too much difference to Mortarion himself, but when you factor in that your infantry will cost more to field. Poxwalkers and Plague Marines are both up by 2 points, so fielding a vast quantity of either will eat into your points allocation faster than they would have in 8th edition.

Getting to the Point

To summarize – yes. Most units in Warhammer 40,000 9th edition will look to cost more in terms of points. The Munitorum Field Manual 2020 coming into effect will most definitely see fewer models fielded. At the glance offered here, it does support the new ethos of having smaller games of 40K in smaller amounts of time.

Myself personally, I’m all for this. I’m delighted to play 3 games in an afternoon as opposed to a single big game. However, without getting more games in across a good breadth of units and factions, it’s hard to determine what this will mean for the fun-factor and balance within those games themselves, regardless of length.

The Munitorum Field Manual 2020 will be essential to player the new edition as it was designed. Thus, anyone looking to play Warhammer 40,000 will need it, but they may not be happy with the changes brought in.

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  1. warden and crusader BASE have gone up significantly but the avenger gatling is free now. they both went up about 30 points each

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