Indomitus Incoming: The Silent King Rises

The new Warhammer 40,000 box set Indomitus releases in just a few weeks. However, if you can’t until the end of the month, Games Workshop have released the core rules as a free download. That means that Warhammer 40,000 9th edition has officially arrived early (sort-of)!

Since everyone is now able to freely peruse the new rules already (thanks in no small part due to leaks) then I guess it would be good to get feedback from hobbyists and collectors alike! The Indomnitus box is notably hefty in both size and in weight. Slamming onto the scales at 3kg, it’s not a dainty offering. It does include the rather lush new rulebook, which is a tome due praise in itself.

New Models

The models comprise the main course of this particular hobby serving, with each model comprising of brand new sculpts. The Judiciar for the Space Marine force, for example just exudes the moodiness of the character that we have seen teased on the Games Workshop pictures. That’s before you even get any paint on it. The Necrons, which incidentally were my first dip into the 40K universe, are little fiddly in places to fit together. Overall, they’re not to difficult to manipulate and look great when completed.

The models within the Indomitus box are not the push-fit “click and play” models seen in previous boxed sets. The models are mostly mono-pose miniatures with a few exceptions but all are tremendously detailed. Of course, we have all become accustomed to good-looking miniatures from Games Workshop. Sure, the bikes really don’t look as if they would realistically be able to ride over an empty food wrapper. However, they still have the bulky Space Marine look of functionality and reliability. Thus, they still work visually even when they wouldn’t practically. I’m still building my way through the Space Marines and continue to be impressed with the detail in these kits.

The Necrons on the other hand look like they are half falling to pieces after an eon of neglect! Whilst this is a great and justified aesthetic, it’s not quite my favourite part of the box. The base for the Primaris Captain looks particularly great. I’d love to see Games Workshop release more ‘toppers’ like them. I may have repurposed the smaller of the two scenic bases on to the Judiciar.

A Tome for Veterans

The rulebook included in the Indomitus set is very slick with a full cover of art and no other graphics on the front. It is amazing to look at, easing the burden of having carry to such a hefty beast of a book between games. It contains all the background, story and fluff to help you get primed into the setting of the 41st millennium.

Now, whilst the Indomitus set isn’t strictly a “starter set”, the rulebook will be available separately soon. I’d also imagine it’ll come as part of a “proper” starter set soon, too. There is no easy play, or start-up style guide here. If this is your first dive into Warhammer 40K, it may not be the smoothest method of entry.


As the spearhead ushering in 9th edition, the Indomitus box lands with a resounding and satisfying crash, crushing all foolish enough to linger beneath it. With the new rulebook and 61 models in total, the box comes as a substantial offering to fans of Space Marines, Necrons or Warhammer 40,000 as a whole.

Yes, it may not be the best way to bring new people into the hobby, but it’s refreshing to see Games Workshop break from their usual formula. They’ve stormed in with an attractive offering that they know the veterans will very much be keen to get their hands on. Already having my hands on the box, I can’t blame them and assure them it’ll be worth the wait..

We’ll be bringing you more content over the coming days. These will include articles going into more detail as to the components within the box including the models and the rules. Be sure to keep checking back so you don’t miss out on our findings!

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