New Necron Models Revealed for Warhammer 40,000!

They are awake, they are coming and they are legion!

The Necrons hold a particularly special place in my hobby heart. These unrelenting legions of soulless automatons were the first army I ever played in Warhammer 40,000. I remember with the upmost glee painting my first Necron Lord, using him in his first battle and crushing a Space Marine captain to pieces. With the reveal of new Necron models being teased off the back of the 40K 9th edition announcement, let’s have a look at what is to come!

Some of the new Necron models shown are quite obvious as to their unit/type, whereas some are seemingly brand new. There are even a handful that could well be updates to existing units or new things entirely. Let’s examine what we have to work with…

Look at all those shiny, new, murderous space robots!

There’s certainly a lot going on in the image above. As provided by the Warhammer Community team, it’s an exciting time to be a Necron player. Let’s go through it bit-by-bit starting with the safest guesses for these new Necron models.

Warriors, Come Out To Play!

The current Necron Warrior models are some of the most conflicting models in the 40K range, in my opinion. They are possibly the easiest, simplest models to paint in all of Warhammer 40,000. However, despite their simplicity in that regard, they can be an absolute pain to build. The wide-legged stance and awkward guns being the main reason for a lot of headaches for your local Necron Overlords.

These new models look far more appealing in terms of their stance and aesthetic, whilst still maintaining their accessibility for painting. The green rods of the old Gauss Flayer have finally been retired, too. As a kid, I loved the contrast that the green rods gave. However, as an adult the novelty has worn off quite quickly.

Also visible in the center-left of the image is the new Skorpekh Lord. He can be seen with a little more dynamacy the new cinematic trailer for 9th edition. Being a fan of multi-legged, mechanical walkers, this model leapt out at me. I am already giddy at the thought of grabbing one as soon as they are available. The size and sculpt of the model will certainly help to elevate Lords above their bipedal lessers.

From the image you can see the Necron Praetorians and Immortals look relatively unchanged, bar the new lick of paint. There are snippets of other new Necron models in the image, but we’ll get to those shortly…

Marching from the Monolith

The old Necron Monolith has also been retired to the annals of ancient history, it seems. A brand new kit looks to be on the way as can be seen above. Packed with more intricate details and visual points of interest, this will be far more fitting with the Necrons of today. The old Monolith is currently over ten years old, I believe, so it’s about time for an upgrade.

You can also see the Triarch Stalker and the Doom Scythe either side of the Monolith, both looking unchanged. However, two models that I am guilty of gawking at are the large walker beside it (more on that shortly), as well as the even further obscured model behind and to the left of the Monolith. I am very, very keen for information on both of these new units.

Hail to the King

At long last, he is returned. Szarekh the Silent King can be seen here on the right, atop some impressive Necron throne floating ominously over the battlefield. He has some form of royal Necron entourage on his flying mount, making it very reminiscent of Age of Sigmar’s Katakros.

The model is a clear centerpiece for any Necron collector and I’m sure that it’s not to be underestimated on the table either. However, with the new edition sweeping in, there’s little we could estimate at this point in terms of what he can do on the table. I’m more eager to see what his return will mean for the over-arching narrative of Warhammer 40K as a whole.

To the left of the Silent King can be seen some bizarre aberration between machine and gods. Likely, as is suggested by the tongue-in-cheek annotations provided by the Warhammer Community team, this could well be a C’tan. The prospect of the Necrons shackling gods to harness their power for waging war is one of the most ludicrous aspects to the army and one of the things that draws me to them this very day. Warhammer 40,000 is ridiculous with snippets such as this and it’s one of the reasons I love it to this day.

The model itself looks to hold immense detail and intricacy in its melding of deity and living metal. However, it also looks worryingly fragile. I worry how I would go about transporting it between games safely…

Crush, Kill, Destroyer

The large, hovering Necron to the left of this image is fairly recognizable to any and all Necron collectors. It would certainly seem that Necron Destroyers have been bulking up for the new edition. Looking at the sheer amount of firepower this thing is packing, it is most likely a Heavy Destroyer, specifically. If this is somehow a regular Necron Destroyer, then I struggle to imagine how well-armed the new heavy variants will be. That is, should they still exist when the new codex drops.

The lone, tall figure in front of the Destroyer is likely some sort of hero model, perhaps an HQ or independent Elite. Looking at the extensive chin sculpted on to it, it could well be a higher-ranking Cryptek model or even a re-imagining of a named character. Looking at how Illuminor Szeras has aged, this wouldn’t be a surprise and I suspect it would be very, very welcome to Necron collectors.

Beyond the independent model, hunched figures can be see with long, scythe-like blades for hands. Could it be that the Flayed Ones are finally being retired, too? Either that, or they’re getting a fairly hefty lore-rewrite. This is all speculation, of course, but I’d just be happy to see us move past the current Flayed One models. This is both due to their age and the fact they are not available in plastic at this time.

War of the Ancient Worlds

Now, these guys…these are what have got me on the verge of frothing at the mouth. As previously stated, I have a known weakness for mechanical monsters that walk. These models above give off such an incredible H.G. Wells vibe that I can barely imagine not buying a handful of these on release day. Looking at them here, it would seem feasible that they are of the same kit but can be built in two variants. One with a colossal gun atop the carapace, the other possibly acting as some sort of support with lesser combat capacity.

Could they be a re-imagining of the Canoptek Spyders? Potentially. They could also be something else entirely as it seems quite a departure from the original models themselves. Still, the features faceplates and upper carapaces are unquestionably those of the Canoptek Wraiths and Spyders.

Whatever these enormous things are, I really hope there’s viability in fielding an army of them as that is now my hobby dream for 2020. Of all the new Necron models, these are my absolute favourites thus far.

Are you excited for the new Necron models? Which ones stand out to be your absolute favourites? Will you be revisiting the faction or would it be your first time in harnessing the unending legions, perhaps?

As ever, let us know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, too. We’ll keep you up to date with all things tabletop!

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