Twilight: 2000 – A new edition from Fria Ligan

Coming soon from Fria Ligan (Free League) is a brand new edition of the RPG Twilight: 2000. Set in the aftermath of a third world war, players take on the roles of survivors. Will you be armed forces, mercenaries, or simply people trying to get through day by day?

A Potted History

The first edition of Twilight: 2000 was release way back in 1984 by GDW and became a firm favourite of many. As a box set containing everything you needed to get started, we’d probably think of it as a ‘sandbox’ product.

Ostensibly set in late 90’s Poland (supplements introduced additional setting materials), the background details the break down of world politics with a cold war gone hot. Nuclear conflict has occurred but peace did not follow. Instead, ‘conventional’ wars continue to engulf the twisted landscape. The detail of military scope in the game but with allowances for more liberal command structures, given the background, offered some novel roleplaying opportunities at the time.

What’s the appeal?

Those of an age where the cold war played at the back of the mind on a regular basis, post-apocalyptic settings took hold. For some it was in turbo charged road warrior mayhem. For others the threat of the red dawn and an invasion in one’s homeland. Many however considered the grim reality in central Europe.

Genres and settings come and go in cycles. Cyberpunk for example is seeing a bit of a revival in general with the upcoming video game. As a concept though, the age of cyberpunk isn’t so much as the dystopian future but the here and now!

Perhaps then enough time has passed from the ‘reality’ of living within a cold war for us to take a fresh, considered look.

The Free League Approach

Whilst a new edition, its important to remember that this will be something new. Known for their work on some impressive recent releases like the Alien RPG, the design Team is headed up by Tomas Harenstam. On top of this we have some lovely internal art from Niklas Brant and cover art from Martin Grip. Rounding out the visuals, we have some maps by Tobias Tranell.

I highlight the maps in particular as they draw attention to a specific mechanic which has me very excited. Building on the system established in Mutant: Year Zero and Forbidden Lands, Twilight: 2000 will utilise hex-crawl mechanics. So perhaps as well as exploring and scavenging, players might wish to try and carve out their own fiefdoms or territory! You’ll also spy that as well as Poland, we have a map of Sweden there. It wouldn’t have the same Free League twist without a Swedish setting right?

With what little we have to go on at this stage, you can colour me very interested. I didn’t have much exposure to Twilight: 2000’s earlier editions but have wargamed the what-ifs of modern conflict in Europe. Promise of a gritty game with suitably fitting combat mechanics and detail, coupled with the high production values we’ve come to expect from their previous releases means this should be a winner.

You can keep abreast of all of the developments on this project by signing up to the newsletter. Details over on the Fria Ligan website here. Interest piqued and keen to see even more? There are active communities posting over on both the Twilight: 2000 and Twilight: 2000 by Free League Facebook groups.

As always you can message us below or join in the discussion on the Tabletop Games UK Facebook page. For those that tweet, you can find me @brother_rooster.

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