A Wee Haul From Bears Head

You might remember me drawing attention to a recent Kickstarter campaign from Bears Head. Well just as the social distancing kicked in, my parcel got sent on. Thankfully I was lucky enough for the package to make its way relatively unhindered so lets take a look at what I got.

All of the pictures below are essentially ‘fresh from pack’. I haven’t done any clean up or work to these so it’ll give a good representation of what you’d get with any order. You’ll see a mix of resin and metal. I don’t actually have a huge experience with resin figures but I was pretty happy overall with the figures I received. I normally prefer the heft of metal but the resin seems really easy to work with.


Who doesn’t need an anthropomorphic elephant person? Right? I’m a bit of a fan of Magic The Gathering and I’ve always had a mind to run a game set in the planar multiverse. As such, when seeing this figure I thought it would make a great Luxodon.

The figure itself is a good size. A lot of bulk but not ridiculously overbearing. I’d say it sits somewhere between a large human and a traditonal ‘ogre’. The cast looks very clean and won’t need a large amount of prep before painting. The only flaw, which I noticed after taking the photos and prepping was a bit of a mis-casting on a finger. As this is on the clenched hand, it’ll be an easy fix for even my novice putty pushing so it doesn’t detract from my impression overall.

Heilan Coo Minataur

If the Grooleshi had decent bulk, this guy blows it out the water. This is a big model. If the cutting board squares don’t help, that’s a 50mm diameter base.

Some big models just end up looking like bigger versions of smaller ones. That seems like a daft sentence but by that, I mean that they don’t always look like they carry the same weight. For a two piece model, this minotaur looks very dynamic and you can see the force being wielded in that mattock.

Mother of Spiders

The last of my ‘big models’ is the Mother of Spiders. Not part of the KS, this was just a figure that had been on my list for a while. I’m not a big fan of real spiders (something about the way they move!) but I love the theme in fantasy games. This looked like the perfect leader model for my spider horde in either Saga Age of Magic, Warlords of Erehwon or similar skirmish games.

As a metal model it carries a fair bit of heft so don’t be dropping this on your toe. As a one piece miniature there’s only a small amount of clean up required to remove the odd bit of flashing. Plenty of detail such as the little creepy blighters crawling over the cloak. If I had to be overly picky, casting in one piece means it is limited in dynamic posing. In all honesty though, I like the old school charm this brings. Definitely a model I was glad to pick up.


Another one that wasn’t part of the Kickstarter but had been on my list for a while was the Dread Queen on Unicorn. I’ve had a soft spot for fantasy undead for as long as I can remember and have picked up a whole range of bits and pieces over the years. For leader types I’ve always defaulted to the vampiric or liches (mostly male it must be said). When I saw the ‘in-progress’ sculpts for this I new I had to have one.

The resin unicorn is lovely and free from any obvious belmishes in casting. The rider herself will need a bit of tidying but nothing I’m not used to in metal castings. Importantly, the pieces fit together well. Rider and mount have a decent fit which I had doubts over in the mix of material. A bit of putty might be needed to help around where they sit. That said, I think that might be more obvious now because of the difference in material. When painted it might not be a deal at all.

Whether its the appeal of an undead unicorn or something a tad different to lead your ghoulish forces, I think this is a stellar option. For me, I actually thought it would be great for my Dark Age fantasy games. This looks like a tip top contender for leading the Unseelie into vainglorious conquest!

Fairy Cavalry

Speaking of Dark Age fantasy, these critters will give me some nice new options for my skirmish games. A variety of one piece castings – forest creatures and fairy knights! Any fans of Willow might be thinking Brownies and I wouldn’t blame them.

The animals are brilliant with lots of character (you can actually get these without riders). The knights themselves look pretty nifty/easy to paint up. Again, if I were hyper picky I might say that the spears/lances are too thick for the overall look but appreciate that at the scale for casting this is the trade off. Anyone so inclined could simply cut and pin smaller wire if they so desired. I think with some paint and added pennants they’ll look just the business.

Just have to paint them…

So with this bundle added to the painting queue, I’ve just seen some more new releases from Bears Head which I couldn’t help add to the pile. Next up will be a Viking Age twist on Red Riding Hood. This coupled with some wolves and werewolf as well! Definitely a fan of the overall sculpting style and all at a very reasonable price.

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