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Ulaya Chronicles is both a Stand-Alone game and an expansion to The Drowned Earth. Ulaya Chronicles is something completely different… with A.I. Dinosaurs :D. A scenario driven campaign experience, using simplified TDE mechanics, you will fight against the dinos as you try to find your way off Raptor Claw Island… 

Bringing with it an entire new crew that can be used in Ulaya Chronicles and The Drowned Earth. This kickstarter is the perfect way to expand your game or start from scratch.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Drowned Earth you can see a bit more here and we are planning more content to come soon. Basically after a massive global catastrophe you take charge of a gang of survivors. The aim of the game is to survive against all odds be that other gangs or packs of dinosaurs.

Did someone say Dinosaurs?

Ulaya is teeming with life, most of it however is just not that friendly towards you. With a growing selection of dinosaur npc charactors and some that you can recruit, or should that be train? Life is taking an unexpected jump in size with the Baryonyx now being available! If you are looking for the latest coupons and offers available online, in CouponsCollector you can find a wide range of coupons that you can uses to buy what you need.

The new Corsair group

Looking suitably nautical, who can honestly say that games aren’t improved by pirates of some description. These models look as characterful and detailed as there predecessors.

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