Exclusive TTGUK Zero Dark Mission: The Corvid Infection

We’re celebrating the release of Horizon Wars: Zero Dark! It’s a brand new science fiction tabletop miniatures skirmish wargame. And the game’s author, Robey Jenkins, has composed an exclusive lockdown-themed mission for solo play.

Zero Dark Header

Sci-Fi Skirmish in a Fallen Earth

Zero Dark is Robey’s follow-up to the 2016 Osprey release, Horizon Wars. Although it shares a setting with its predecessor, Zero Dark is an entirely new, standalone game. Horizon Wars was a science fiction battle game in the 2mm up to 10mm range of scales. Zero Dark is a skirmish game for larger scales – anything from 15mm upwards – in which, instead of leading a whole battle group, you command a small team of elite operators.

Most miniatures games assume a straightforward “one player versus another” set-up. Zero Dark‘s unique selling point is that Robey has designed it to play with almost exactly the same rules whether you play player-versus-player (just called “Versus” in the rulebook), co-operatively as a team or just solo.

Another unusual feature is the presence of the Red Force. This is an enemy team whose actions are under the control of a deck of normal playing cards. You might expect them to be there in the solo game, but Zero Dark keeps them on the table in Versus mode. There, they provide an unpredictable third party that can be manipulated to attack your enemy but which can turn against the unwary.

Solo Sample Rules – Training Run

Currently, Zero Dark is only available in PDF format. But Robey promises that a print-on-demand edition will be out in full-colour hardback “very soon”. For those not ready to commit to a whole new rulebook, the company behind Robey, Precinct Omega Publishing, has also released a sample version of the rules called Training Run. This is available on a Pay What You Want basis (suggested price £2.00).

The Corvid Infection – TTGUK Exclusive

Robey has a long relationship with TTGUK – he’s one of our writers as well as being an author and publisher in his own right. So he’s put together an exclusive mission for TTGUK reader. The operators must contend with a virus even deadlier and more infectious than SARS-Cov-2, especially because it turns those it infects into members of the armed and belligerent Red Force.

You can download your exclusive PDF copy of Zero Dark: The Corvid Infection, right here. Let us know how you do!

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