Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms – Our First Look

A while back we covered the announcement of the new Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms miniatures game and the details of the first wave of miniatures (here and here). With preorder fulfillment originally being planned for April, we got a look at one of the miniature sets.

Bleak Falls Barrow is very familiar to anyone who has played Skyrim and it is fitting that it is the first Delve kit available. This kit contains, 1 Dragonborn, 1 Draugr Overlord, 3 Draugr Greatsword Warriors, and 3 Skeleton Archers. While the miniatures are single pose the poses are really dynamic with each one posed differently. I think in time we will see plenty of conversions of there to diversify them more. All sets are available in either plastic or resin.

The sprue that the minis come on has a good layout. Each piece has a reference number that lines up with the instructions provided. These make the models exceptionally simple to put together. The only one I had any level of difficulty with was the Dragonborn but this could probably have been avoided had I done a dry fit first.

TES: Call to Arms Rulebook cover.

Additionally, Modiphius are currently giving away digitals copies of the Rulebook (here) and quickplay guide (here). You can also get a little crafty and make your own dice using this PDF.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested to have a read of the rules before investing in this beautiful game. After a cursory glance, the game looks simple and runs much like Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. And, you can check out Modiphius’ own guides on their YouTube channel here.

As always, you can check back here at Tabletop Games UK where we’ll have all the updates as they arrive. We happen to be on Facebook, too.

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  1. One thing I don’t understand is why they’re giving away the DIY dice pdf when you can’t play the game without the cards anyway. I don’t mind to pay for a print and play option but the cards don’t seem to be available.
    Or am I missing something?

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