Free to Play – Stay at Home, Stay Safe.

Like so many at the moment, I’m stuck at home with a lot more time on my hands than I’m used to. What I am loving is how the gaming community is pulling together and offering out plenty of things for people to read and try whilst we are at home.

Free Books

Osprey Publishing – Osprey is doing free books every week from various periods of History.

Free Games

Osprey Publishing – Osprey is currently offering a PDF version of its very well known Frostgrave game.
Modipius – Modipius is offering its latest rule set Call to Arms for free. Plus a scenario as well. You can find out more about the game here.
Days of Wonder Boardgames – You can download there Print and Play game Corinth for free.
Precinct Omega Publishing – You can get a free scenario exclusive to TTGUK for Horizon wars.
Oakbound Studios – You can get a copy of The woods as a Pay what you want at the moment. You can find a review of the game here.
7TV – You can get the preview rules of the Apocalypse KS.
Mantic Games – Have a whole host of there games rules free online.

Free RPG’s

D&D – Wizards of the Coast are offering loads of game elements for free. With daily free scenarios, characters, add on books and loads more.
Eclipse Phase – Has a couple of its books going free at the moment through Drive Thru RPG.
Green Ronin – You can get a copy of Fantasy AGE for free.
Son of Oak Game Studio – Has City of mist Quick Start rules online for free.

Virtual Games

So this covers board games etc that you can play online for free.

Onirim – Great little card game.
Ticket to Ride First Journey – Same game, but designed for a younger audience.
Tokaido – Lovely game, with simple mechanics.

If you have any other links, please do share. We all need things to keep us busy.

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