Horizon Wars: Zero Dark available now.

Horizon Wars: Zero Dark is available to download as a PDF from Wargame Vault, now.

A science fiction skirmish game set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, fought over by its colonies on Mars and Venus. Zero Dark offers solo, co-op and player versus player play modes in its core rules.  From the author of Horizon Wars, Robey Jenkins, Zero Dark is a complete, standalone game and the first game published exclusively by Precinct Omega Publishing.  Like Horizon Wars it is miniatures game and, to an extent, scale neutral and offers players endless customisation options.  Although it is set within the published Horizon Wars timeline, players can easily adapt it to whatever science fiction or near future setting they like.

Built on the same ground-breaking dice mechanics as Horizon Wars. Zero Dark also introduces the Red Force: a dangerous enemy you must contend with in both solo and PvP modes. The Red Force is controlled by the flip of a normal deck of playing cards.

Currently, Zero Dark is only available as a PDF download’ Although a print on demand version in full-colour hardback will soon be available to buy from Wargame Vault.

With the increased interest in solo wargaming during the Covid-19 crisis. The PDF has been kept at a discounted price of £10, compared to its normal price of £15.  However, if you’d like to get a feel for the game. Precinct Omega has also released Zero Dark: Training Run – a condensed version of the solo rules. With a selection of heroes from which to choose and a one-off mission, unique to Training Run.

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