Redgrass Games Hobby Tools – A Great Find, If You Can Find Them

Finding the right tool for the job can be a crucial part of your hobby experience. I’ve found myself broadening my horizons when it comes to paint brush brands and I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a couple of brushes from Redgrass Games. They were also kind enough to send me a set of their clippers, curiously named “Nippers”. After using these bits for a few weeks now, I’m going to tell you the highs and lows of these hobby tools.

Cut It Out

Let’s take a look at the “Nippers” first. Lightweight and ergonomic, these clippers are nice to look at and come with a handy cap to cover the blades. As someone who will recklessly plunge his hand into his toolbox without looking, this safety consideration is much appreciated. The blades themselves are nicely pointed and provide a fair precision when it comes to snipping off smaller pieces.

The cutting experience with them is surprisingly smooth. In using them to clip pieces off of Games Workshop sprues, I found them cut through with astonishing ease. This was even the case in heftier, bulkier pieces such as terrain/scenery bits. The blades sharpness makes the whole cutting seamless and easy.

Unfortunately, the Nippers fall down in an area of upmost importance: grip. The handles are curved nicely and are covered in a rubbery, textured material. Whilst it should make the clippers easier to hold onto, I found them slipping from my grasp on a handful of occasions. From what I can tell, this is due to the handles being lighter than the snipping end of the clippers. Due to this, the bladed-end of the clippers will hold momentum when the snippers are moved. Real carelessness could see these clippers f fall from your hand should you not be particularly cautious with them. With the risk of damage to the clippers (as well as yourself) I would strongly advise care with these when holding them.

Different Brush Strokes for Different Folks

I have been painting miniatures for well over six years now. In this time I have learned a vital lesson: take care of your brushes! I was incredibly heavy-handed with my brushes until only recently. I didn’t take care of them with cleaning brush soap, nor was I careful with how much paint would be on the brush itself. My ways have truly changed and I am now diligently respecting my brush. Don’t worry, this will become relevant later.

The two brushes I received from Redgrass Games were their Kolinsky Sable Size 2 and Size 2/0. In a charming red colour, the brushes look stylish and even come in wonderful protective casings to bolster their longevity.

I’ve been using the brushes for a few weeks now whilst in a spree of painting some Chaos Space Marines for Kill Team. This felt like a good opportunity to put both brushes through their paces. The Size 2 covered larger areas with ease whereas the Size 2/0 provided superb precision in areas that required it. Both brushes held and dispensed paint as well as I needed them to and were comfortable to use.

A Brush with Danger

Whilst administering care to both brushes after and between uses, I felt like disregarding the lessons of aforementioned brush care. I decided to give these brushes a battering as I would have this time last year to test their hardiness. There was paint sitting dangerously close to the ferrule. I was rapid and rough when wiping across surfaces to remove excess paint. I treated these brushes in a way most painters would likely chastise me for.

Any brushes worth their price should most definitely last if you look after them. In this instance, I simply wanted to test these out against painters that may be less patient or caring. Thankfully, the brushes hold their own with unexpected resistance. Thus far they are holding their shape very well indeed with not a single stray or frayed bristle. Of course, this isn’t an excuse to keep treating them so poorly, though it’s nice to know that these brushes can seem to withstand painters with hands as heavy as mine for at least a little while

As seems to be the trend, Redgrass Games are proving themselves capable and dependable when it comes to hobby accessories. Previously, I’ve spoken very highly of their wet palette as well as a prototype of their miniature painting handle. It would seem that their brushes certainly rate as highly in their quality to those looking to utilise them in their hobby. The Nippers are functional, but the fact that they don’t seem to grip well is enough to keep them from being my “go-to” set of clippers.

An Elusive Hunt

The biggest issue I have found thus far with their products as a whole is actually finding them in a brick and mortar store. I am aware most folks are happy purchasing online in this digital age, but with the potential cost of import/customs depending on your country of delivery, this feels like a hurdle some customers won’t want to clamber over just yet.

It may not be a perfect streak for Redgrass Games so far, but I am still very excited to see what more they can bring to the table in the future. If you are looking for stocking fillers this Christmas for your favourite hobbyist, I’d advise picking them up some brushes and a painting handle from Redgrass Games.

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