Fog and Friction: Western Front

Coming soon from Warcradle Studios is a card game called Fog and Friction. This card game sees you taking the place of either the Axis or Allied Commander fighting over battlefields, the battle continues until only one side remains and you have collected more battlefields than your opponent.

Just like with traditional and online casino where you can click to view from here, this is a game that needs more than one player. So looking at the starter set which also includes an expansion for the game you get a rather impressive 78 cards per team and 10 battlefields as well as rules and cheat cards to help speed the game up. As you probably know, this website contains the best game tips that you can use while playing at your favorite online casinos, so it’s well worth finding out more.

A game is played between two players through a series of turns. Through a fairly simple deployment phase, you can put your cards out on the battlefield to battle your opponents. Each card falls within one of four types. Front line cards which are the heart of your fighting force, these cards are either Infantry or Armour. Support cards which are Artillery, Air and Defences. Defence cards are used to protect friendly troops whilst Artillery and Air are used for damaging the enemy. Logistics cards are used to supply and reinforce your army. Are you a fan of gaming? click to visit this site to see more sites that will surely keep you entertained for hours.

The final type of card are Fog and Friction cards. Through a variety of different ways Fog and Friction cards can effect a battlefield. Such as striking behind enemy lines to changing the weather. If used at an appropriate time these can swing a battle for you

Once you get playing the game flows quite easily. The combat is quick to work out and can easily be used by adults to teach younger children maths. The simple formula for combat and depleting of cards leads to tactical choices as to what units to play and when.

The cards themselves are good quality and the lay out is clear and simple. The photos on the cards are great photos that have been reproduced

Whilst not an overly taxing game there is a good amount of stratergy to be had from Fog and Friction. Whilst it might not be to everyones tastes its a fun game. An added bonus is that doesnt take an hour to set up or pack down.

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