Warhammer 40k Psychic Awakening Ritual of the Damned Review

Psychic Awakening Ritual of the Damned is coming very soon. Here is a quick run through on what to expect from the next book in the series. Before I start as a long time fan of the 1st legion I will apologise if my views are slightly biased in favour of the Dark Angels.

Psychic Awakening Ritual of the Damned moves the story of the 40k universe a bit further along and builds on the Dark Angels story line from White Dwarf and incorporates some great writing based from there perspective and also their brother Astartes the Grey Knights.

Battle on the Planet of Sorcerers

The story arc for this edition of Psychic awakening is centred around The Grey Knights and the Dark Angels. Battling on the planet of Sortiarius to stop Magnus’ plans and the creation of a second empire. Will they succeed or will Magnus unleash his unholy plans?

In his review of Faith and Fury Kenny said he would like something a bit more final, or canon to the ending of the story. While Ritual of the Damned doesn’t exactly fit the ending succinctly. It definitely serves up an ending full of sacrifice, or at least the basis of a full novel.

For those wishing to play out the battles descibed in the book there are a few narrative missions. Which are fun to play through as well as a new Echoes of War Mission to add some more variety to the missions that are already available.

New Rules and New Units

The bulk of these books is given over to the armies featured. With new Charactors and new datasheets. Whilst the Dark Angels do fair a lot better in this regard than their Grey Knights Battle Brothers. This is mainly due to bringing the new vanguard and phobos releases into the codex rather than using PDFs. Both forces get access to new Librarious Disciplines as well as some new Abilities and Relics. A points value update and a rather cool name generator which whilst naming an entire chapter of Dark Angels. This could sit well for leader charactors that you get attached to or even use it for Kill Team. Three new lots of warlord Traits are added to the Dark Angels. With both Vanguard, Deathwing and Ravenwing getting access to their own unique warlord Traits.

For those of you who choose to follow the Crimson King. You have not been forgotten either with a plethora of ways to make your army unique. You can choose which Cults of the legion your troops follow. Each Cult will give you a psychic power, a warlord trait and a Sorcerous Arcana to use for your detachment. There are 9 cults to choose from. The stratagems however can be used cross all cults as well as the name generator.

Space Marines Still Rule the Roost

For me personally as a Dark Angels player this book is a must have. For a Grey Knights player perhaps not so much. Psychic Awakening Ritual of the Damned is a bit one sided. I can also see this being a must have for Thousand Suns players. All in its a great book. It has enough emphasis on moving the plot forward that it should be read by all.

If you don’t play chaos or Space Marines then unfortunately you still have to wait a little longer to get your time in the sun.

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