The Children of Eriu – Celtic roleplaying on Kickstarter now!

The Children of Eriu is a Celtic rpg which expands the universe found within the Fate of the Norns. If you followed all of that you’ll probably already have backed the campaign. For everyone else, let’s see why this is something you should consider jumping on.

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Fate of the Norns

Fate of the Norns is a roleplaying game based on the Viking sagas. Dealing with myth and legend, players take on heroic personas during the age of Ragnarok. Fittingly for the setting, the game does not use dice but instead relies on a rune system. Players draw Futhark runes from a bag to represent the weaving of fate.

It’s a game I’ve been aware of for a while seeing the odd comment on social media or examples of the art work. I can’t necessarily speak to the efficacy of the system having never played it or given it a proper read, but the book itself looks gorgeous. The link above gives plenty examples of the art throughout and it ticks all the right boxes.

What about Eriu?

So whats this campaign all about then? Expanding the core setting in Fate of the Norns, Children of Eriu is still a standalone game. It’s worth noting that for folks who already have Fate of the Norns, a free PDF will be available on how to combine the two games.

Strikingly bold and colourful cartography

Instead of focusing on the Viking sagas, here we travel to the lands of Eriu and Celtic myth. The map shown suggests we’re looking at historic Ireland, Scotland, Wales and down the western coast of England. This is a time of change and upheaval. You’ve got the Celtic Kingdoms as well as the Christian domains let alone the encroachment of Vikings! Here’s me wondering the Pechts/Picts will get a mention… I’ve said it before but dark fantasy and British history is my bag. This campaign therefore, definitely has my attention.

For more info on the rules themselves I’d strongly recommend trying out the free sample on the campaign. The unified mechanics and switch from ‘roll for success’ to ‘what/how do I want to do/do it’ is pretty neat once you get your head round it. Whilst some might be concerned at the need to fork out for a set of runes and a decent bag from which to draw them, there is an app available. That said though, given how evocative the book looks, you’ll no doubt be out hand carving your own in no time…

What’s up for grabs?

This is an interesting campaign in that as well as a complete game available, you can pledge just for the Celtic Cyclopedia. The cyclopedia, as the name suggests, is a resource which explores the culture, religions and mythologies of a number of Celtic Kingdoms. There’s details on personalities as well as creatures drawn from legend and fairy-tale. All of this wonderfully augmented by swathes of illustrations. Whilst it’s not something that tickles my fancy, there’s also a Tarot deck available depicting otherworldly gods and goddesses.

At first it was just the Celtic Cyclopedia that caught my eye. For just ~£18 one can pick up the Children of Eriu game which is both the rules as well as all of the lore content. Running for another 21 days (at time of writing) this looks like it could well be a nice wee Christmas present for someone.

I’d love to hear thoughts from folks that have played Fate of the Norns or who are interested in trying this out. As always, you can leave a comment below or join in the discussion over on our Facebook page.
All images above have been taken from Andrew Valkauskas’ Kickstarter campaign.

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