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A while back you may remember I got the chance to try out Hypertellurians from Mottokrosh. You can check out the review here, but the long and short of it was that I was impressed. The books itself, in handy digest format, was brimming with ideas. Apart from a contained set of easy to grasp rules, streamlined but not ‘lite’, the book had plenty of hooks to draw you into realms of wonder.

Heart of the Atom Isa

When I heard that a couple new releases were heading our way following Dragonmeet, my interest was definitely piqued. First up is a new “system neutral space hopping fantasy adventure” in Heart of the Atom Isa.

Being system neutral, it’ll be usable with any of your popular fantasy based rules as well as Hypertellurians obviously. With oodles of pregenerated material in the description, all with retro sci-fi and B-movie flavour, this definitely ticks the ‘something different’ box. Given its currently available for under £2.50, if it’s an enjoyable read and you get a session or two out of it, it’ll be money well spent eh?

Solemn Scriptures of the Battle Nuns of the Mercyful Sepulchre

That’s some mouthful of a title. It’s also a title that makes you want to at least see what a books all about right?

Coming in at 72 pages, this book has, “many strange words, and loads of illustrations.” Again, another system neutral release but I’m guessing those with Hypertellurians or DnD5e may get more out of the ‘crunchy’ aspects; at least from what I’m reading here. Detailing ten different occult and divine tomes each with its own enlightening secrets or dare I say heresies?

The blurb sounds very similar to those classic source excerpts for games like Cthulhu. Books which exist in the game, with many snippets provided from the ‘in-game’ tomes or scrolls. Apart from plot hooks and ideas which I’m sure will be there, we’ve also got new spells and rituals. We’re not talking new versions of ‘prayer’ or ‘prismatic ray’ either. Instead, we’ve got esoteric requirements and potential outcomes!

There’s maybe a small risk in tackling a book of this nature given the implied themes. Movement away from your traditional ‘fantasy pantheons’ might also be an awkward transition to start with. I’m also going to go out on a limb and suggest, without having read it myself, that if you are purely looking at this for new rules alone it might not be up your street. For me though, this sounds like a great idea. An almost ‘meta’ book which will surely be an entertaining read if nothing else. One I’ve definitely added to the ‘to pick up’ list.

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