Ikwen Uprising – A Kickstarter from Loud Ninja Games

From Eli Arndt over at Loud Ninja Games comes a revamped Kickstarter campaign to release the Ikwen. So, what are the Ikwen? A cracking range of 15mm science fiction figures, that’s what!

Asymmetric Warfare

Complementing an existing range available from Alternative Armies, we’re given the chance to greatly expand the current options. I’ve read a few blog articles from the creator and like that these figures are pegged as ideal asymmetric combatants. It’s common in a lot of games for two (or more) players to create lists of equal points and play out pitched battles. Sometimes we might even stretch to sprinkling in some objectives.

Examples of the current range

Whilst it never caught on locally, I really like games like Tomorrow’s War. Here it was common for one side to be vastly outnumbered or outclassed by the opponent. There is then a greater reliance on tactical flexibility and strategy over just relying on superior munitions. A welcomed alternative for like-minded individuals.

With a fairly lo-tech look one could easily envisage these as native insurgents on a colony world. Perhaps freedom fighters caught up in a planetary (un)civil war? I also know of a few people who utilise 15mm figures to proxy games which are ostensibly available in 28mm. The Ikwen could happily find a home there too.

The Campaign

If you like your 15mm science fiction, then you should probably already know about this range. If you don’t then it’s definitely worth checking out along with the other offerings at Alternative Armies.

Examples of the new figures from the campaign

This campaign has a fairly modest goal of just under £5k and with 25 days to go, at time of writing, it’s almost a third of the way there.

Rhunth Riders – Some heavy hitting or fast moving options?

Being supplied from Alternative Armies here in the UK, postage wont be an unexpected added expense. You also have the benefit of confidence in delivery from previous campaigns. My 15mm gaming has been shelved for a while as my regular opponents moved on, as things tend to. However, having a look on the shelves I see a dearth of alien types. I may have to remedy that and pick up a few of these. That’s the trouble when you see nice new models; too many ideas and not enough time!

You can see more over at Loud Ninja’s Facebook page and obviously feel free to comment below or join us over on ours.


  1. Tomorrow’s war is a great game, one of the best for unit Warfare imho. Unfortunately it’s yet too complex to play with my children.
    Really love the new Ikwen sculpts but I’m still not sure if I should pick them up at the KS or not, given the fact I already have a large amount of 15mm scifi miniatures waiting for a lick of paint.

    • I think Tomorrow’s War (and by extension Force on Force) suffered from the way that a lot of people approached it coupled with it’s apparent complexity. Although it was clear in what it intended to do, I think it was just a tad too ‘different’ and wasn’t easy to just pick up and play. Still held on to my copy with the cards in the hope that I’ll return to it one day.

      But yes, on the topic at hand, I really like these Ikwen. Very different to my NI from GZG and assorted bits and pieces from AA. I still haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have a backlog! It’s been a while since I did any 15mm gaming with my sci-fi stuff but as I say, these are tempting.

      • That they certainly are …
        I’m kind of in the same boat, with my focus being on 15mm fantasy these days. Many of the fantasy skirmish games I got are easily playable with children (or even solo) and most fantasy settings are easier to visualise (elves, dwarfs, dragons, …) compared to the myriad of Worlds and alien races you get into scifi.
        I didn’t know there was a Tomorrow’s War version with cards by the way, I think I only got the two books and counters (which we’re used both for FoF and TW). Gruntz is still an option though, especially with 2nd edition on the horizon, as are other skirmish games that we’re actually meant for 28mm. Counterblast being one I would like to try out.

        • I have the Osprey published version of Tomorrows War. I’m sure I acquired the cards through a bring and buy sale a few years back but they were available at the time with the hardback. They seem to still be purchasable as a download via WargamesVault (Tomorrow’s War Fog of War Cards).
          I did enjoy Gruntz although the force builders required a bit of trust in your opponent as I found the balance to be a touch off. Fine for club games or campaigns etc. I should also see if I still have my copy of laserburn from many moons ago…

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