Admiral Ruleset Update!

Graet news from Luxlu Games

In June, our very own Adam Brown reviewed Italian company Luxlu’s Admiral rule set for naval war gaming. You can read the full review here. Admiral is a comprehensive set of easy to learn and follow rules. These allow players to fight battles and campaigns across all World War Two naval theatres. Admiral is also easily adaptable to multiple model scales.

Luxlu’s ambition was to raise funds via KickStarter to get the Admiral rule book translated from Italian into English. Admiral has proven to be very popular across Europe over the last decade. Luxlu felt that it was time that the English reading world were allowed to enjoy this excellent rule set. Sadly the KickStarter failed to reach its goal.

Admiral on the tabletop

The Good News!

Enough people showed an interest in Admiral that Luxlu have made the bold, and fantastic, decision to press ahead anyway. They have completed the translation and ordered a limited print run of the complete 244 page Admiral 2.0 RuleBook in English.

If, like me, you want to get your hands on a copy of the rules you can pre-order it now. The link for Luxlu’s online store is here. Luxlu’s website also contains numerous accessories, and of course fleets! Luxlu have taken the ground-breaking step and produced fleets in laser-cut MDF. Not only is the level of detail excellent but the models are easy to assemble and paint.

Luxlu expect the rules to ship from 15th December so just in time for Christmas!

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