Into the Breach! – Slow Death Games to publish Star Breach

Slow Death Games and Elijah Kellogg Join Forces –
The Maker of Wild in the Streets to bring Star Breach to us, Joe Public

Our friends over at Slow Death Games have dropped the following announcement. For anyone that hasn’t read it, here it is in full.

Slow Death Games, the maker of cult miniatures wargame, Wild in the Streets has entered into a partnership with Elijah Kellogg to bring his model agnostic science-fiction miniatures game, Star Breach, to the public.

Beginning in 2020, Slow Death Games will release and distribute a full-colour paperback edition of the Star Breach core rules in addition to themed Order dice and gaming accessories. Kellogg will remain at the creative helm of Star Breach, devoting his full attention to maintaining the game’s dedication to dynamic, balanced gameplay.

Chris Kohler and the rest of the Slow Death Games team are incredibly excited to enter into this partnership. Kohler discovered Star Breach as an early adopter and has enthusiastically spread the word about this unique game.

A limited number of spec copies of the hardcover Star Breach core rules, printed for the suspended Kickstarter release as well as Order Dice and a deluxe PDF will remain on sale for the duration of Kellogg’s previously planned Flash Fund. These are limited to copies on hand and can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis. An art and graphics free version of the Star Breach core rules will remain available as a free downloadable PDF at

Sounds interesting to me. A chance to grab a look for free even more so! What do you think? Does this sound like it could scratch that mini agnostic sci-fi itch? Let us know below or join in the conversation and discussion over on our Facebook page.

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