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Worlds Collide

You may have seen the rather impressive news that Games Workshop and Marvel Comics have joined forces. There are no details at this point, save to say that the two companies are working on Warhammer Comics due to land Autumn 2020. What could they focus on? What characters could they follow? Let us populate the void of details with what I’d like to see produced from this surprising collaboration.

Having been a fan of the Games Workshop Warhammer systems for many years, I thought it might be fun to spin up a few ideas. I’ve always leaned on the side of the heretical, but this would be a good chance to broaden my horizons. At least, a little bit…

Deathwatch…Again (Warhammer 40,000)

There’s likely no better way to showcase the various chapters of Space Marines in a single avenue. The Deathwatch are comprised of Space Marines from numerous chapters. Each member learning to lean on their strengths and overcome weaknesses to defeat alien threats.

It’s a safe bet that the dialogue could almost become human and quip-filled, as opposed to typical dryness from Space Marines within the war-torn 41st millennium. A Deathwatch comic ran for a little while some years ago and was penned by the sensational Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Put the Marvel budget behind that and it’d feel like a very safe starting point.

Deathwatch are typically a good way to introduce those new to the universe to the world of Warhammer 40,000, especially for those who might love Space Marines.

However, since this is a comic series that has already been done, I’m sceptical that it’d be done again. It feels like a somewhat safe way to introduce readers to the universe and the Imperium of Man, if not overly unique.

Traversing The Mortal Realms (Age of Sigmar)

Age of Sigmar is a setting that is quickly expanding and fleshing out regularly. New armies, new locations and new events unfurl to bring the setting to life. Further exploration into this via Warhammer comics would certainly not be unwelcome. Something akin to a band of warriors defending a settlement against the rising threat of the Legions of Nagash. Not a distinct narrative, but it could work with twists thrown in or spanners thrown into the metaphorical works.

With any concept, the ever-deepening world of Age of Sigmar could form a symbiotic relationship in this regard. The lore can be developed by the comics and into the game proper, or visa versa. The difficulty here would be finding a narrative or quest that would be vaguely original. Myself personally? I’d love to see a band of Stormcast Eternals on a covert assassination quest for vengeance led by a mysterious guide. Stormcast often come across as somewhat robotic and lifeless and this would be a superb chance to change that. This, all whilst exploring new locations in the world and fighting vast and varied foes.

The delightfully-illustrated Roll Models from the Warhammer Community site will make do for now, providing the odd giggle here and there.

I’d be most keen for anything Age of Sigmar, honestly. So long as it isn’t some narrative duplicate of Lord of the Rings, I’d certainly try it. Guy Haley has proven a more than capable author in Age of Sigmar and would likely do it justice.

Corruption Beneath (Warhammer 40,000)

Another idea I’d love to see would be something with a sense of scale. The life of an Imperial Guardsman whose life is torn asunder when his world is conquered overnight. Genestealer Cultists have overthrown the planet and claimed it with ferocious efficiency. The Guardsmen and a handful of fellow survivors need to call for aid and survive. A cool twist would be to occasionally see through the perspective of the cult themselves, too.

The very stylised marketing materials for the Genestealer Cult releases previously worked very well and would act as a tremendous precursor to a series of Warhammer comics.

This feels like a plot that would not only be exciting to read about but could also be visually distinct with the right artist. Exhibiting the workers and soldiers that the antagonist once called friends potentially being alien insurgents all along. This would allow for twists, turns and developments whilst being exciting and complex.

There would, of course, be some creative license at hand. The comic could be as dark as Warhammer 40,000 fans would hope it to be. With Marvel holding characters such as The Punisher and Carnage committing acts of untold brutality, I don’t think we’ll see the grimdark of the Warhammer universes completely forgotten.

Poison In The Blood (Warhammer 40,000)

Having a focus on some of the less-than-savoury characters in the comics would be an opportunity I’d not want squandered. For instance, almost the opposite of the previous idea – we follow a Chaos Cultist in his attempt to corrupt and choke his hive city from within.

This could provide tension, perspective and a gruesome gander into life on an Imperial planet. Seeing the filthy and loathsome setting of a hive city strewn through the pages of a comic would be an interesting vision indeed.

Seeing the other side of the coin against the Imperium of Man is always a tick for me, so I’m a little biased on this one. But this might work quite nicely for more of a Game of Thrones approach. Plenty of plots, schemes, back-stabbings and ploys to keep the reader guessing what treachery will unfurl next.

Let’s Get Schemin’ (Age of Sigmar)

This one is a pipe-dream at best, but give me a moment of madness. I’d love nothing more than to see a comic with a large focus on a Grot, working his way up through the ranks of his fellow horde. This would provide events both violent and unsettling but with plenty of chances for humour and silliness.

I doubt this would ever get beyond the conception stage, primarily because of greenskin speach. As can be seen in other Warhammer comics, capturing the way greenskins speak is quite trying and can be difficult to read. However, I’d certainly appreciate someone giving it a damn good go!

Goblins are always fun. Anyone who says otherwise is a true git.

Furthermore, the Gloomspite Gitz range has become so diverse that it could help introduce a flurry of characters, both friendly and not. That, and I’ll take any opportunity to see Grots get up to their usual shenanigans.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now in terms of loose and fast ideas for Warhammer comics. we’ve got some fun ideas for what we’d like to see. What sort of concepts would you guys like to see? Be sure to let us know in the comments. As always, you can follow us on Facebook to ensure you’re kept up to date on all news, reviews and previews!

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