Monstrous Lexicon 1 – New minis from Bears Head

One of my favourite clay-prodders, Philip Hynes of Bears Head Miniatures, is back with a new Kickstarter. Teaming up with The Pickled Dragon, this new campaign seeks to bring a selection of creatures and characters to your table. Primarily bringing to life entries from the Monstrous Lexicon, there’s plenty in here for roleplayers and wargamers alike!

Following on from previous Kickstarters, Bears Head have plenty of experience to ensure that risks are kept to a minimum. Everything on display in the campaign has already been sculpted. The kickstarter then is to help get these figures cast up. Each will be available in either resin, or metal with the help of Macrocosm Miniatures. Worth paying attention to each specific figure in case you have a preference or dislike for a particular medium. Hopefully these will make their way to the standard range soon but getting on board now helps ensure this.

What can we expect to see?

I’m enamoured by loads in the current range and there’s more than a couple here to add to that list. Being a bit of an eclectic collector of fantasy bits, there’s plenty here to get the creative juices going. I’ve been, on and off, picking up random minis here and there for a Magic the Gathering inspired skirmish band. So there’s a pretty stand out figure in the Grooleshi.

Don’t ask me why but I’ve always had a soft spot for anthropomorphic elephant peoples. Although I ran Jadeclaw a few times, I never got round to playing the Elephant Temple Guardian that I wanted to. With Loxodons also common in MtG, I’m definitely going to be wanting to pick up a copy of this fella.

A splash of horror?

I said this campaign was pretty broad and the wendigo definitely couldn’t be more removed from the Grooleshi. Where the latter is almost stoic, the wendigo is a ravenous monstrosity which could terrorise players in a scenario or to bolster your options for games like Dracula’s America.

Another stand out for me is the enchantress figure. The painted figure is in fairly neutral attire, I thought it makes an excellent base for a dark age sorceress.

I mean you’d need to be pretty grim to take a unicorn’s horn to aid with your spell-slinging. Maybe some dark robes and a bloody tome? I like that a lot of these figures provide such character without necessarily pigeonholing ideas.

Greek mythology anyone?

Anyone paying attention to my ramblings will also know that I’ve recently started on a Mortal Gods project. With upcoming murmurings of a mythic expansion bringing legendary heroes and monsters to your games, Bears Head have you covered with their Cerberus.

Based on the mythical guardian of the gates to the pits of Tartarus, this imposing resin beastie looks like it could hold it’s own against even the most experience of hoplites.

… plus many more

Along with a supporting cast of characters, demons/devils, and animals this shapes up to be a nice selection. I’m sure there are more than a few people out there that have need of a dire honey badger. Heck, there’s even a dwarven druid to accompany it! No doubt we’ll see some additional releases via stretch goals before the campaign is done.

You can follow Philip Hynes’ work over on his Facebook page. As always, you can leave any comments below or join the discussion over here.

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